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alpha 9 name suggestions thread


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Need something more Roman. :/ I like Janus, but in Latin it's Ianus, which has unfortunate connotations in English. ;)

Hey, im not english native, why Ianus has english connotations?

I think the pronunciation is very different in latin. Ianus is a great name too.

So, there are my 3 options: Iulius, Imperator, Ianus :D


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It contains the word anus.

We portuguese speakers, for instance, pronounciate the word "anos" (from latin "anni", means "years") exactly like we pronounciate "anus" (which has the same meaning as in english), but it doesn't feel strange at all... It seems your brain connects the sound first to the meaning you have most thought of. This is, probably, why some people may not feel bad about the word.

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The patron god of the romans was Jupter, but roman alphabet didn't have the letter "J", so they wrote Iupter (and the matron goddess Iuno)... I personally don't like to name a release of the game about a god (i prefer about battles or important personalities), but anyways i'm just giving away this possibility if you guys like it.

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So Iulus is somewhat crossed out because of Julius Caesar not being in the release (although Ascanius - son of Aeneas - went by this name too)

Ianus is definitely crossed out because of the connotations

Imperium is cool but its Republic Romans

Iupiter also seems pretty legit.

Out of those four, I still like Imperium though.

But some new suggestions (had to pull out my Latinn book for these)

  • Iaculum (Roman javelin or short spear)
  • Iratus OR Irata OR Iratum (angry, wrathful)
  • Infortunium (misfortune - what happens to Carthage after Romans show up :P)
  • Inveteratus (long standing - describes Rome)
  • Incontenica (lack of restrain - Romans couldn't help expanding :P)

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Here are my suggestions (and some historical info BTW ^_^):

Latium - The most important subdivision of Central Italy was Latium, bordering on the Tyrrhenian Sea. North of it on the same coast was Etruria and to the south was Campania. On the Adriatic coast were Umbria, Picenum, and Samnium.

The cities of Latium were Rome, on the Tiber, and its seaport, Ostia, near the mouth of the same river. Ten miles northwest of Rome was Veii, an Etruscan city, and about the same distance southeast was Alba Longa. Nearly the same distance directly south of Rome, on the coast, was Lavinium, and east-northeast of Rome was Tibur. Neighboring to Alba Longa were Tusculum and the Alban Lake. The Pomptine Marshes were near the coast, in the southern part of Latium. Lake Regillus was near Rome

Vesuvius - Mt. Vesuvius, a roughly 4300-feet high, deadly volcano, is located near the Bay of Naples, in the region of Campania, in Italy. Mt. Vesuvius is famous for its eruption on August 24 A.D. 79, that destroyed the cities of Herculaneum, Stabiae, and Pompeii, and thousands of residents.

Pompeii was buried under 10 feet of material set in motion by the eruption of the volcano, while Herculaneum was buried under 75 feet of ash.

Pompeii and Herculaneum remained buried until the 18th century. Although exposure has led to wear and tear, at the time of the archaeological discovery, it provided the world with an image frozen in time of life in first century Italy and is still referred to for what is generally the best physical evidence.

Mt. Vesuvius had erupted before, but the A.D. 79 eruption is the first volcanic eruption described in detail by a witness, Pliny the Younger.

Actium - Without the Battle of Actium, there might not have been a Roman emperor. The battle is that important.

The Battle of Actium was also an important turning point in the history of the relationship between Egypt and Rome. When Octavian (later known as the Emperor Augustus) met the combined forces of Mark Antony and Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, Roman forces faced Roman forces, pretty evenly matched. The fighting continued throughout the day of September 2, 31 B.C., until, inexplicably, Cleopatra took her troops and left the naval battle. Mark Antony, leaving his troops behind, followed her. The result was that Octavian, helped by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, won the battle.

Since Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, part of the second triumvirate -- with Antony and Octavian, had already been exiled, this left only Octavian to be the leader of Rome, He would soon become Augustus, the princeps, and first Roman emperor.

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Since we are releasing the romans for the first time, i vote for Italia, the cradle of the roman civilization, to pass an idea of beginning.

And it is a familiar word to a great range of people.

That's actually an argument against it ;) We don't want the word to be too common/known, rather we want an opportunity to teach people something they doesn't know :) (Also, the more unique the name, the easier it is to find out when someone is writing about the release on the internet. :) Just a minor argument, but still...)

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