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  1. The idea of the middle east or western asia is great. They had a rich and rough history. In our game period Jerusalem, have persians, greeks(macedonians), and independence period and then romans. Maybe Jerusalem, Judea or Jericho. Edit : The city of Jerusalem have real and powerful walls in different times.
  2. XD Personally i dont like 'Ides of March' ,the last alpha name.I think this had to be in latin. Only my opinion, All that matters is the game itself!! We need to know the big new features than the team focussed and propose an perfect name. Regards
  3. Hey, im not english native, why Ianus has english connotations? I think the pronunciation is very different in latin. Ianus is a great name too. So, there are my 3 options: Iulius, Imperator, Ianus Greetings
  4. Well, really Juluis Ceasar is in latin : Iulius Caesar I think Iulius Caesar, must be the name but Imperator is good too.
  5. i don't know man, but i think that herodotus is very.... clasic. Yeah, he is the father of the history and registered Greco-Persian Wars, but the main theme should be the persian civilization. So Haxāmaniš sounds..... exotic, really exotic : ) PD: I hope than the alpha 8 will be our christmass gift
  6. Haxāmaniš , the legendary founder of the Achaemenid Dynasty, the greatest persian dynasty and one of the most important old empires.
  7. Haha, the first video is a report from Insert Coin , a important Spanish tv program about video games
  8. yeah, will be great game , I waiting the next alpha
  9. Hey guys, the translator interface should be a priority, i see that many people want translated the game in many idioms; this help to expand the game in the wideworld Im editing the 0 A.D spanish wikipedia article , but hope translate the game! So regards
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