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0 A.D. on YouTube

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Mais um vídeo interessante do Ágora 0ad!!  More interesting video of Agora 0ad !!


Great video from @ValihrAnt  

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Maybe someone can help with translating what they're saying? :)

Since when a guy known as "Venom", in his minecraft gameplay videos, encouraged people to record gameplays too, the number of gameplay videos made by children (fans of minecraft) increased considerably around here... Not that i am complaining, but i think they are a bit immature to record these kind of videos (the boy of the first video is actually talks to the working women as if they were dolls).

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The second one in spanish is quite funny :P he gets very nervous and freaks out when qBot sends his troops and destroy him ^^ (and he warned it would happen xD)

He is really excited about the game, he gives very positive words to the game and remarks the good work the team is doing on each alpha.

He remarks that 0 A.D. is a "truly Age of Empires successor, improving upon it" And he explains key features recently implemented, and bigger gameplay differences with AOE like using soldiers to gather/build, etc

Video comments are also very positive :)

He's going to make part 2 playing with romans vs carts, but I think he picked up an islands map... ^^

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Too much choice overwhelms the user. There should be more warnings and guides to help the user make these choices.

For maps, I suggest a notice like "This is an island map. Computer opponents cannot play very well on island maps, and you may experience increased lag on these maps as well".

For AI's, I'm thinking we should reconsider bundling AI's that aren't being maintained, like JuBot.

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It's not necessarily a problem to have a different AI for the easy mode even in the final game, but it will be more of a burden to support if problems arise.

I agree though that'll be both easier and better to have a single configurable AI (perhaps allowing to choose between different AIs still though) with difficulty levels and perhaps other settings (I had an unpredictability setting in mind).

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