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Still muted in main lobby

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4 hours ago, Chesnutter said:

I'm not sure who to contact. Can I please get unmuted from the main lobby. It's been a week. I said one four letter word S**t. I forgot for one second, let my guard down and bam.

Thanks for the heads up. You must have been automatically muted by ModerationBot, because I don't see records of manual muting of you. Automatic unmuting after a delay is not working currently with ModerationBot.

ModerationBot detects 4 profanity words. It is programmed to kick a user in response to each of the first two uses of profanity words in a 2-week period. Then it is programmed to mute the user for 5 minutes in response to the next use of profanity, and double the duration of the mute with each subsequent use of profanity.

Again, unfortunately, automatic unmuting is not working. Also, unmuting doesn't work unless you are currently connected to the lobby.

So, you need to stay connected to the lobby until we notice it. In the future, if it seems like your mute duration is much longer than what was intended then please notify us. You can message me via IRC for example.

I'll unmute you the next time that I see you in the lobby.

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5 hours ago, Chesnutter said:

Ok i understand.
I'm still muted. I'll try and just have 0ad lobby open as much as possible to I'm visible (even when not actively playing).

Hopefully you see me!


Hey, you're not obligated to always be available. If you don't spot @Norse_Harold in the lobby due to time differences, and you're online, feel free to reach out to either me (defc0n) or @Palaiologos for assistance with your concern. Should you see either of us online, don't hesitate to inform us to get this resolved for you.

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