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Build Error: Spidermonkey build failed

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@Yekaterina you have a too new version of Python and it fails with SpiderMonkey 78.0 You cannot bypass that library as it's the engine that makes JavaScript (AI, RMGen, Simulation, GUI) work.

That library relies heavily on Python. You could try to backport some of the patches that were added after that.

Maybe Arch provides previous versions of 0 A.D.

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1 hour ago, Yekaterina said:

But I also do need 3.11 on my system for work. Can I have both installed at the same time?

Yes, you can have python version 3.10 and 3.11 installed at the same time. I had that setup for a while. You can control which version of python is used by changing the symlink /usr/bin/python3 to point to /usr/bin/python3.10. Maybe there is an app that configures the default version of python3, but I'm not aware of it currently. Just remember to configure the symlink back to python3.11 again after you're done building 0ad.

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