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The nature of super units goes in this direction: 1 Super Infantry and 1 Super Cavalry unit. In the Poleis' case, there really wasn't a dominant cavalry unit that could be used as a "Super Cavalry" unit, so what I had to do was use a specific infantry unit for the purpose. What that does is kind of drive home the point that the Greeks in the 5th and 4th centuries BC were very heavily infantry-oriented. I'll leave that up to you to speculate which exact unit I chose. smile.gif

Heheheh. Seems like you already revealed it. :shrug:


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There's a list of "standard" units each civ can have. These units counter each other in multiple ways (mechanically and with artificial bonuses). Civs basically pick and choose their units from this list of standard units. Same goes for Buildings. Each civ has all the "standard" buildings, but a few have more and some less. What will make each civ truly unique in gameplay are their bonuses, team bonuses, Super Units (unique units), Special Buildings (with special abilities and bonuses), unique Heroes (with unique "auras"), and totally unique tech trees. That's right - totally unique technology trees for each civ. Undoubtedly this will be a BEAR to balance, but this will definately be where the community comes in. :shrug:

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The art is created by whatever programs the artists like working best with.

I believe most of us use Photoshop for texturing and 3DS Max for modeling/unwrapping.

A few of us (i.e. me :shrug:) use The GIMP for texturing and Blender for modeling/unwrapping.

(Have I missed anything?)

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Dnas - so you are using open source...like I do

it's great !

tell your friends that Blender is a GREAT open source free 3d program

and GIMP to !

are you using Linux to ?

There's no need to tell others.

Have you tried CVS version of Blender? I did. It adds sculpt mode and lot of other things. It is unbelievable with how pace it is developed. I can see new commits to source code for several times a day.

You're not alone Linuxer here, BTW. :shrug:

If you are skilled in Blender and GIMP, I'd aprreciate your participation in development of mod For Honour and Glory. Would you join?

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I'm not THAT skilled in Blender YET...and my time is short in those days.

but I have already posted about those glorious games (0 A.D and Last alliance) in ubuntuforums.org - some of them already found an articles about that historical times you asked.

some are looking forward for this game and willing to contribute

for the LA game I've posted a Tokin fan site that has a great info about the world.

as my time allows me, I will learn/practice more in blender and help you more.

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Blender is the way to go. The poor mans modeling program. I'm using it for a WW1 mod for Red Orchestra. Hers a little sample of what I've made so far.


To answer the above questions, it's safe to assume that those options will be in game. And I'm pretty sure I've seen a yes answer to these topics before.

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