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Mod Announcement - For Honour and Glory

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This mod will bring Medieval era to the 0AD engine (come on, haven't you ever wanted to have some idea implemented to the game like AoK?).

I hesitated if it isn't too soon, but I think, that it won't hurt to have some skills and models available when game is released.

Especially when I just started learning modelling in Blender. First result isn't that terrible, though.

So, to be more exact, which nations will be in:

To be honest, I don't know. I plan to implement Bohemians and Byzantines for now.

Why? My favourite nations, I have some knowledge about them and now, when I am only member of team I can't do more.

I know, that many units (especially in western Europe) were quite common, but I'd like to create every faction unique and as accurate and real as game and playability allows.

I need modelers, texturers, (these two will be especially welcomed, because this kind of work will be mostly needed), historians and others.

Personally, I'd like to have as many nations as possible, but I can't do it alone. Therefore I need your help. Join me.

How can you help?

As usuall.

Contact me (either here or via e-mail or jabber - the best idea), gather informations about factions, pictures of units and ships, create models, textures ....

If you aren't skilled modeller/texturer, learn it as I do and become valued member of team.

I could also use help of someone skilled in modelling and especially in texturing because I'm still in learning stage.

I'd also appreciate help from WFG members.

I know practially nothing about game I plan to mod.

In fact, it doesn't matter as I can learn to edit configs quite quickly (and it seems that it won't be needed as appropriate tools are promised), but I seriously need some model samples.

I don't plan to steal them and declare them as my work because I can create my own, but I simply need to know level of detail, size and so to be able to create models to fit to the game without further amending.

Of course, I plan to make all models I create available to others for free without any restrictions.

But I'm not willing to spend load of money on 3DS MAX and therefore these will be avilable in Blender format (I know, that Blender can export to that format, but I am not sure about its accuracy).

Please share your knowledge and skills as long way awaits us, but at the end, we all could be proud of our work.

And remember: Even the longest way starts with first step.

I hope, you won't let me do it alone as I am not able to do it without your help.

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Which program do you use for modelling (and which file extension it produces)?

I run Linux and thus my option was Blender. Cool program, and for free. I'm asking because I'd like to know if I'll be able to import your work (to have a look, to learn something ...) to Blender.

It can handle 3ds files quite well.

Would you mind getting an jabber account and contact me via it?

I'm not sure, but usage of ICQ in Linux is somewhat illegal (there is no official client for Linux and those unofficial aren't legal AFAIK) and I think, that it is about the same with messenger.

How much skilled in texturing you are? I lack any knowledge and some help from skilled texturer won't hurt.

BTW, I'm from central Europe (GMT+1) so count with time shift.

Thanks for any help. I hope that we won't be the only creators.

PS: If you wish, I can send you model of horse I created.

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Which client do you use? Miranda? I can send you libs for SSL support in jabber for Miranda IM.

It wasn't simple to find them.

Is it hard to get to the texturing in Blender? could you suggest some webpages about texturing (there is no need sor some real good and special effects, basic texturing to be able to create 3d units for 0AD is enough for now).

Thanks for help.

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To advance:

Ideas of the units


Heavy cavalry:

Tagmatic Cavalry

Klibanophoroi (whole in armour, mostly lamellar)

Latinikoni (I don't know, could be lighter, but could be whole armoured)

Horse Archers:

Kataphraktoi (armoured horse archer)

Steppe Horse Archers (Patzinaks, Turkish ... - no armour, or only light)

Light Cavalry:



Skutatoi (armoured spearmen)

Byzantine Infantry (armoured swordsmen)



Foot archers:

Psiloi (normal unarmoured archer)

Armoured Archers (byzantine archers were later quite heavily armoured)

Mercenary Xbowmen


Dromon (fast ship)

Fire Galley (name says it all)

Galley (main battle ship)




Perhaps some cool toys using Naptha (like fireship)

Byzantines will be quite unique (as Carthaginians) as they used lot of mercenaries.


Heavy cavalry:

Slechtic (Nobleman)

Rytir (Knight)

Kralovska Garda (Royal Guards)

Horse Archers:

None. Perhaps mercenary, but Bohemians didn't use them. As well az much of other western nations

Light Cavalry:

Lehka jizda (Light Cavalry)


Kopinik (Pikeman)

Paveznik (Pavisier)

Sekernik (Axeman)

Pesak (Footman)

Halapartnik (Halberdier)

Foot archers:

Kusijnik (Xbowman)

Kusijnik s pavezou (Pavise Xbowman)

Lucistnik (Bowman)


Bohemians didn't have access to the sea. We will see what would be better. Keep realism and no ships or playability with ships.




Cannon (personally, I don't like that gunpowder stuff much)

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hey i would be interested in this project. I can help with historical research of the balkans, since i am very knowledgeable with at least the descendants of illyrians.

I'd like to get some skills in modelling as well as texturing, and i have no problem starting from scratch. lol.

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What about have some asian civs?(japan,china,korea)i also think that an saracen civ HAVE to be in the mod,and will be cool have some central europe nations how romenia and hungary

I'd love to have them in. But I don't want to take too much work as I don't know how hard it will be to do.

If you wish, you can join the team and do some research, modelling, texturing ...



Thank you Tathar.

hey i would be interested in this project. I can help with historical research of the balkans, since i am very knowledgeable with at least the descendants of illyrians.

I'd like to get some skills in modelling as well as texturing, and i have no problem starting from scratch. lol.

Welcome to the team. If I could suggest learning modelling in Blender (it's for free). When I'll be at home I'll post you some guides.

Also, you can contact me via e-mail and jabber IM (however, keep in mind that I'm from Central Europe, so count with time shifting as I won't be willing to stay awake to 3-4 hours AM :blush: ) as I already have skills you'd like to gain and I can share my knowledge.

Now I can do low poly model, unwrap it to export texture nd when I'll paint some texture I should be able to get it to the model.

That is all what will be perhaps needed to create nice models for mod.

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In that case the roster is quite simple , but I have to divide it into 3 periods which can be treated as early, medium and really advanced units.

Anyway here it is:

The earliest times where the army was still with many old Slavic traits - quite weak cavalry and good light infantry.


Jazda Pancerna ( Mail-clad Horsemen) - Duke's/King's early knights - not so powerful as real knights, but more disciplined,


Lucznicy ( Archers) - bowmen were considered very dangerous part of early Polish armies, were armed with dangerous longbows, but it required some time to train such in later periods,

Tarczownicy - ( 'Shielded') - spearmen with spears, light infantry, but with powerful pounch and some decent defence,

Medium period - army was westernised with all the usual stuff like Knights etc,


Rycerze ( Knights) - nothing unique,

Mazowiecka Konnica ( Masovian Cavalry) - medium-light cavalry with mch similarity to Lithuanian and Rus cavalry (cavalry pavise shields), agile and hard-hitting were not equal of the powerful knights, but had enough power to deal with most enemies on their own,


Kusznicy ( Crossbowmen) - also as usual,

Wlocznicy ( Spearmen) - as above,

Advanced units - late XVth century Polish army was slowly abandoning old knightly cavalry and similar supporting infantry - the core of the army was the new professional infantry and cavalry. Army was created after suprising defeat from the Teutonic Order's army at Chojnice and started virtually undisturbed 200 years long period of victories over all manner of foes.


Kopijnicy ( Lancers) - heavy Men-at-arms armed with long lances, warhammers and swords and equipped with excellent gothic armour.

Strzelcy ( Shooters) - crossbow (later bow and handgun) armed cavalry supporting Kopijnicy and lighter mobile cavalry with their mobile firepower.

Racowie - light cavalry armed with lances and curved shields - early Hussars who slowly replaced Kopijnicy in later decades.


Draby - Hussite style infantry armed primary with crossbows, handguns and bows with over 60% in each ten equipped missile weaponry with at least one pavise armed and one heavily armoured pikeman.

Polish infantry were mainly from Bohemia providing much of the employement for Hussite mercenaries making the wars in later XVth century the last Hussite wars but they were used almost only to provide firepower, in sieges, in garrison duties and sometime to clear difficult terrain in close combat, cavalry was the hammer of the army - infantry remained it anvil.

Ships and artillery

Basically the same as in western europe, but with 2 notes:

- galleys were not used, but other Northern and Baltic Sea ships,

- Poland had one of the most modern artillery train in the late XVth century - useful to besiege numerous Prussian castles of the Teutonic Order and also started using artillery very quickly with several pieces in early XVth century,

That shouldbe good enought.

Regards Cegorach :)

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