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  1. I keep on playing this game every time i get a chance to, and i think since the years it was started there has been great progress. Is there anyway there could be a thread in our forums that would give us fans a little information on what to expect on the next installment. We would really appreciate it, and it makes the wait much easier. Thank you Ps: I can't believe it has been already 6 years since i signed up here...
  2. Guys we are very proud of your progress and work, but we all want to play the game and what i personally have seen has been very good.
  3. i signed up for computer programming at school hopefully that will help
  4. hey i would be interested in this project. I can help with historical research of the balkans, since i am very knowledgeable with at least the descendants of illyrians. I'd like to get some skills in modelling as well as texturing, and i have no problem starting from scratch. lol.
  5. One note paal, from a history major, me, to historian, you. I would say that the best unit hand to hand combat should stay the caestrati, but in formation it should be the spartan homoioi. They were equipped with the smallest swords in the greek world to make it easier for them to stab their opponent when too close to use spear. They used those swords so effectively, that no army has ever defeated the spartans in battle. THeir only defeats have come as a result of tactical superiority of certain generals, like pelopida and Epaminonda. A legionary wouldn't stand a chance in front of a Spartan Homoioi wheather in distance or close combat. I do agree with you on the use of hellenic hoplon. Was not built for fencing but great protection nonetheless.
  6. army formations for all the civs, carthagenians, romans, iberians, gauls, germans, i said phalanx already, can't wait for roman legions, cav formations etc..... ahhhh my mouth is watering just thinking about them, lol
  7. i want to see a showcase of the greek phalanx, and its abilities.
  8. Carrhae was a dissaster because there was no roman experience to surena's way of war. THe 10000 of surena's horsemen were never defeated because they were what no Eastern army had ever done, adapt and use the terrain to its fullest. Hit and run, and then muscle the separated portions of an army. surena's cav was a professional army never seen again in the era. Crassus was never prepared for that kind of warfare. What are you gonna do with 1300 celtic cav, against 9000 horsearchers, and 1000 cataphractoi. the horse archers were using shield piercing arrows, as they were able to pierce roman shields together with limbs. As far as the best infantry, romans would be up there, but i think that the iberians were better overall. What made the romans so good was the weaponry that they used together with the swordmanship. The pila would take away the shield of the enemy, leaving him helpless against a roman swordman. The iberian saunion, could be reused by the enemy as it was made completely of iron and was quite robust. At cannae, the iberians and gauls, held the hastati, and principes firm for the necessary time for Hannibal's african infantry to flank them on the side, and destroy them. Lets not forget that Hannibal was vastly outnumbered by the 80000 men of the consular legions. Tactically, the legions should be better, by employing testudo, building forts, and having better morale, but the superiority in swordmanship should stay the lighter iberian units like devotio, or caestrati, maybe scutari, as i see scutari as a response to the roman legionary. I think that the iberian caestrati together with the numidians were the ones that gave rome the defeat lake tresemene, throught the ambush set by hannibal.
  9. In a more subtle way you mean that there is going to be an expansion including all the mediterranean civs in their glory????? If it is so, i will raise my glass and wish 0 A.D a quick development. lol.
  10. i haven't seen any answers except paal, and i thank him for that, but seeing the lattest "screenshot" has made me weep from joy. THey have gotten the syntagma right. No game has given them the right animation. My only remark would be the longer sarissa. the other thing i noticed is that the hellenes will be missing the sarissophoroi, the macedonians answer to light cavalry. the two handed sarissa yielding light cavalry. The work is just amazing, so keep up the good work, gents.
  11. exactly what the topic says. Are the units going to get veterancy from basic to super units from battles won, or are they going to be upgraded through a tech tree???
  12. LOL, can't say that everything i suggested will be incorporated, but my experience as a rts fanatic has told me to be more sceptical, and more analytic of ai behavior. I know for a fact that CA is trying to do this in M2 TW because of community dissatisfaction with ai in rtw and BI. Just wondering what are ai capabilities going to be. Example: Are the romans going to use their formations or are they going to attack like a trickle, as AOE ai does, sending armies one soldier at a time...
  13. Separation of macedonia and Greece, Egypt, scythia, in addition to Illyrians, thracians, and germania
  14. how are you doing Zeusthor. To tell you the truth i was going to give up since no one was answering the posts. I was thinking to have the alliances last for a certain amount of time. If you create an alliance through a particular hero, the ai and player can make that alliance last until hero's death, or a certain amount of time, like 5 years, or 5 seasons, during which time the ai can remember how many times player has shown loyalty to it. How many times player answered ai call in time of need, and to have that ai keep alliance with player instead of other ai, if player has shown more loyalty to ai, than other ai, in case of war between player and that third ai. I think i made the last one a little confusing, sorry, lol. Just couldn't stop the train of thought.... What do you fellas think???????? Possible????
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