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Found 4 results

  1. Idea pitched by Argantonius a while back to make the Iberian wonder the Tartessian sanctuary of Cancho Roano. Looking at the current temple I see that some inspiration had already been taken from it. anyway, there's not a lot of opportunity for detail on those outer walls in particular but I did what I could.
  2. Hi again, i made this topic to ask for 2D workers and historical investigators for references to start an update for the Iberian Faction Infantry/Cavalry, since their units are really outdated and all infantry looks almost the same. References: Weapons used by iberians: Shields: Javelinist/Heavy Swordsman Light Infantry - Basic Rank Scutari equipment: Scutari Formation: Infantry Spearman: Basic rank slingers: Iberian Heavy Cavalry: Iberian Chieftain: Iberian Cavalry and Scutari: Various Infantry: Iberian Cavalry: Religion: Source: https://arrecaballo.es/edad-antigua/el-caballo-en-la-peninsula-iberica/los-iberos/ Celt Iberian Cavalry: Celt Iberian infantry Source:https://arrecaballo.es/edad-antigua/el-caballo-en-la-peninsula-iberica/los-celtiberos/
  3. Somewhere I read than there's no reference about Iberian ships... There you have one, and in the article, it says is the second ship found. It's a trade ship, for a 4-5 days trip. About April there would be starting an exposition, and maybe there would be some artistic reconstruction of the full ship. http://www.lavanguardia.com/local/girona/20170101/412998512665/arqueologos-reproducen-3d-barco-ibero-cap-de-creus.html
  4. i try to build iberian wonder, but i get an inesperated result: i build stonehenge
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