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  1. what do you think it happened to the telephone line? with an explosion that covered 5 blocks of course calling didnt worked
  2. hmm, i have no idea....maybe you can find something at a News spanish site from Colombia, not sure though.
  3. yes! i got 18. and i've been hanging around the forums for a about a weeks or two only regards Auron
  4. how do i know how many people have looked at my profile?
  5. lol is not my brother, is the friend of my brother.
  6. actually, i just did...but no exactly in the radio:S I just found out that it DID explode a bomb, so it was no joke like i thought. The bomb covered a distance of 5 blocks, a really big explosion..and still, my brothers friend hasnt called yet......
  7. yay! another metallica fan like! thats the stuff! welcome flip:s you got some nice cool hobbies right there! regards Auron
  8. i have no idea...usually terrorist plant bombs in special and important places. i have no idea.
  9. Today, my brother was talking to one of his in colombia. He was talking when suddenly a bomb explodes close to where my brothers friend lives while they were talking on the phone! i'm originally from colombia, and you all know that colombia is known for terrorist attacks... my brother friend hanged the phone as soon as the bomb went off. he hasnt called back yet this is serious
  10. uhm, Welcome!, i'm kinda new here too regards Auron
  11. hmm i gotta say Triggers. an editor without useful triggers will make the oportunities to make cool effects and tricks very limited...... the buildings and objects arent that important, as long as you are able to overlap buildings, which is a way of creating eyecandy and "new" whicked looking buildings. besides, from what i've seen you are able to create new units, and this also involves new buildings the landscapes arent that important since the most escential thing to make a well looking map is to know how to place objects.
  12. wow, that looks simply amaizing! i really cant wait to design scenarios for this game! regards Auron
  13. New Jersey, Rahway, the most hidden place in all america......
  14. i dont think is possible......or maybe it is.......but i dont think is nessesary......different ranks are already recognized with the colored title and avatar thingy and info
  15. nah, thats okay. if i ever change my mind, i'll just get one .tk domain oh, and thanx brian! regards Auron
  16. thanx for the suggestions and all k, lets start quoting the replies yay! hmm maybe i should add some kind of other color...maybe white for instance? But it is simple, and that's what is great. I know some websites that tries to make it technologiful, but... It just worsen the site! On your site, we know what to expect, and that is what is great. i dont really like fancy websites with lines, content, guestbooks and all that stuff...i just want i simple site to post up all the stuff i have made by mysef ya know next quote....... okay, what do you mean with WYSIWYG? i made that with ........uhm, thats my secret! i have no idea who Timbo is :-( finally...... thanx, but i dont currenly need more stuff for my site my brother is gonna get a paid site thing i think....although i'm not sure.........so this site might just be for a while best regards Auron
  17. thanx for the comments....although for some reason my site went down for a couple of hours.... i apologize if i'm adverticing my site, but i mostly made it to get feedback on how the design is coming out @chichigrande, the main menu looks plain, but if you look at the AoM section, it aint as plain as the main section regards Auron
  18. what i really dont like about choosing a smile is that it takes forever for them to load whenever i want to reply:{
  19. hey everyone, its me, auron yet again for the past week i've been working on this site. http://www.geocities.com/aomthetitans/ for now all the "age of Mythology", actknowledgements, and email sections are all done........and well, i was just wondering, what do you think? any comments/suggestions would be appreciate it oh yes, i'll get that Bio part done by tomorrow maybe PS: i'll upload some guitar songs i know when i find a way to record more than 60 seconds . and for the pictures i'll try to scan some pictures i have and maybe get a webcamp regards Auron
  20. once again, thanx everyone! btw, why am i not able to put an avatar? everytime i try to upload an avatar it says that this option has been disabled.. wow, i just noticed that i have 137 points, is that good for me being in a short time?
  21. indeed! metallica rarely put special effects on their songs like korn always does. @The Prophet, thanx!
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