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  1. rusty? i think it sounded great!. i dont think metallica would bother to re-make And justice for all to give it a better sound.....
  2. cool! "And justice for all" is my favorite album. it has almost all of my favorite songs. hey, did i mention i'm in the official metallica fan club! i pretty much have all their albums, s bunch of conserts videos, music videos, guitar tabs of some of their songs, and other stuff
  3. thanx everyone! i love all metallicas song. but my favorite would be harvester of sorrow, One, all within my hands, Blackend, and much much more I will soon be seeing metallica live! i'm going to a NJ or NY consert i'm not sure yet since my brother is paying the tickets, and i'm going with a friend of mine as well!
  4. lol thanx everyone. i'll try to be active:)
  5. hey everyone. I jsut wanted to register say hi, and good luck on your amaizing project! my real name is Nick, or Nicolas, i'm Male, 15 years old, and i'm originally from colombia, south america B-) anyways, I'm nicknamed Auron, or auron_2. i enjoy designing scenarios for the game AoM: the titans. I have about 2 years designing scenarios. I also know how to mod, although i'm not good at making textures since i use MSPaint. I also know some Random Map Scripting. click here to see what i've done! i also like browsing in forums related to designing on AoM, and post!. oh, and i'm currenly at Tsunami Studios, a great design team!, i'm also a reviewer staff of www.aomfiles.com, and a moderator on a community modding forum *see my sig* lets see.......i also enjoy playing Medal of Honor, and Call of duty. i'm currenly trying to learn how to modify medal of honors current maps. i can also design for aok, but i dont want to outside my old comp, I take practice electric guitar, for about 8 months. i'm a big fan of metallica. and i also practice TaeKwondo, an asian fighting style for about 2 years, and i'm currenly a high green belt btw, nice smilies! i like this one aint it cool!
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