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  1. You scored as Trajan. You are quite fortunate to rank as the emperor Trajan, possibly the greatest of Roman emperors. You have relentlessly expanded the empire and even humbled the mighty Parthian empire. Loved by all, vastly larger than life, you are the model for all future emperors. It is hard to find a bad thing to say about you. HAIL CAESAR! Trajan 93% Vespasian 75% Commodus 71% Antoninus Pius 68% Augustus 68% Hadrian 64% Marcus Aurelius 61% Claudius 61% Domitian 54% Vitellius 54% Nerva 46% Caligula 36% Tiberius 36% Nero 21%
  2. After seeing this movie I can't wait to play 0 AD any longer! I loved the music and textures and models look great. Only thing that'll need work in the future, but I'm sure you guys already noticed it is the unit obstruction. They now seem to move into each other. But other then that, perfection!
  3. Looking at the log at 0AD's site it seems the video isn't that far away anymore.
  4. In the Netherlands you pay around €250-300 a month for a 16 m² room, on average. Depends on which city you're planning to go to. Where I'll go you'll get something like 22 m² for that price. In Amsterdam and Utrecht probably 12 m². But it really depends on what place you're going to, how far it is from the center, what is included in the price (gas, water, elec) etc.
  5. 2, 3 and 5 should be easy, not sure about 1 and 4, though.
  6. Oh I remember this, it's a long time since we worked on it. Alot has changed since then, including myself. I'm not interested anymore in this mod, I'm a HeavenGames moderator now (for the modding forum! ) and that's what I do now, but after I finish my current AoE3 project I'll probably abandon modding totally, it takes way too much time, I'm not that good and my interest have changed, I have changed. We had quite a few good laughs with Rise of the Vikings, though. 0AD is still interesting so it would be nice if someone could pick it up and finish it for us.
  7. First I thought we might get a Christmas present, nothing. Then I thought well they probably save it for New Year, nothing. Then I though I could go nagging about one as I've done for the past few years, but decided not to do it. So I've no clue why I'm posting this.
  8. As far as my knowledge goes, the Phoenicians and Carthagians were pretty much the same. Because the Phoenicians were the Carthagians' ancestors more or less. Right?
  9. My record on 60 m is 8,2 seconds. I also ran 192 m in Olympia, but I can't remember the time. But man 192 m is a long way to sprint...
  10. I'm a little bit generous, I'm willing to buy my friends a beer without nagging about them paying me back. But it shouldn't get too crazy.
  11. Just mail it to Wijitmaker (JasonABishop@hotmail.com) and all will be fine.
  12. @Jason: Oh ok, I hadn't noticed that.
  13. I was wondering if you guys could add a direct link to the forums on your homepage. The new site looks nice but to get to the forum I first have to go to the 0AD site, then click on forum and then I can only see the 0AD section so I have to click again to see everything. It kind of makes me nuts. Doesn't have to be anything spectacular, just a small link. Thanks.
  14. Hey, ! If there's one tolerant community, it must be WFG.
  15. Haha, this is the lamest topic I've seen in quite some time. Anyway, mine is a "Treurwilg", I've no idea what the English name is, so I'll give you a picture:
  16. IIRC certain team members strongly dislike anything that even looks like bloom.
  17. Hey Zezar, everything ok? I've been away for quite some time too, kind of forgot about WFG. *ashamed*
  18. I've Latin for 4 years now and it's still diffecult.. The grammar is really killing me.
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