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  1. Yeah, I agree. Now where is that Christmas present screenshot?
  2. Ok, very cool. (on both things) Thanks for the info, guys.
  3. Well, lets see if somebody knows... But I have another question. We all know that the game will be highly moddable. But how are animations used in the game? Is there a library of all animation which are then shared by comparable units, like in AoE3? Because this would make modding much easier because animations are most of the time the hardest part. And I think with a system like this you'll really boost good quality mods. And it might also save you a lot of time. I'm not sure if this is mentioned somewhere, because I vaguely remember it but I ask it nontheless. Will small expansions be available after the game's release? Like new maps, maybe even a new civ (highly doubt the new civ, but you get the idea)? Thanks. (just one year to go, right? Right?!)
  4. I already thought it wouldn't be include. And I know it doesn't affect gameplay, but it does increase the "fun" factor a lot. But that probably doesn't outweigh all the time that has to be put in it. Thanks for the tip, they are awesome. That would be really awesome. It does give an extra feel of realism to the game, I sure hope it gets in. It can also add a little bit of tactics. Blasting a bridge when an army crosses it. That brings me to the point, how will bridges work? Just undamagable objects or things that can be build and destroyed on fixed positions? In AoE3 you can really make vertical cliffs, which I think it pretty cool because units can walk on it. Will this be added too, or just the AoM idea of a cliff, the tile based one? BTW, thanks for your detailed explanation, Ykkrosh.
  5. Physics, will this be in? I think not, but I do hope it gets in, because after playing AoE3 for a while now I must say that's the best thing in the game. Shooting with your cannon all that rubble of those buildings, love it. Also I just saw a little trailer for Rise of Legends and there was a bridge in it, being blown apart. The bridge was located above a ravine and the units dropped in it. Now this doesn't have to happen (because you'll need physics for that) but are ravines included in the game? They are very similar to rivers, so I don't think it should be a very big problem. (note that just lowering the ground isn't enough, I want real ravines, so no bottom. Adds a little RPG effect to it. ) Now that I'm on the right way, I can aswell just continue. Could thinks like this be done too? So you get an almost vertical map? Would be especially awesome for in a campaign. The problem would be lag though, when you're on the top you can look pretty far down... hmm. Maybe that can be obscured by fog or something... I know I'm asking quite a lot, but well, I could at least try.
  6. I'm looking forward to new screenshots. (hint, hint, ho ho ho, ... got it?)
  7. Even if you don't know anything about cars, you can still guess that this one is American...
  8. I find it quite relaxing, when it's not too cold or raining, that is.
  9. I cycle everyday 24km to school and back, which takes around 1,5 hours. I also try to atleast row for 10 min. 5 days a week, but lately it has been a lot less...
  10. I read in the newspaper today that a guy in Venlo (Dutch city) shot two children because they came collecting candy...
  11. Or PHPBB, really great software to use + it's free.
  12. No Halloween in the Netherlands... so it was mostly watching horror movies on tv, to bad I don't really like them...
  13. I had it too, I just had it again, might be because the new cookie hasn't been downloaded yet, though...
  14. I thought it would be for medical research or something when I read the topic title... but I seemed to be very off....
  15. Wow, that was a sprint at the end. But nevertheless we have two winners: Paal_101 & TheCobra1! :worship2: You'll get your rep as soon as possible. CONGRATULATIONS!
  16. Hey Joni! So you're from Finland, the land of the thousand lakes. I really need to go there one time...
  17. You're too late Blorx, voting has ended, sorry. Only 11 to go! And we still don't have a rep system.
  18. And again 2 people are out of the competition, Paal_101 and TheCobra1. And we're at 982 members now, we're getting close.
  19. It looks like I can edit my sig...
  20. It's a really cool feature, but well 100 bucks isn't catpee, as we say it in Dutch.
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