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  1. On another note. I would like to apologize for my wording in that post I made yesterday. Looking back, I see I was overconfident and acting as an expert where I was not even an ameture. Therefore, I would like to apologize to all concerned for any wrongdoing on my part.
  2. No. I was going by the way the website was setup. It felt more like a European or American site than many. Thank you for your self-restraint. It's a noble virtue. Now please allow me to explain. The author of this topic appears to posses some standards of Christian decency. They are concerned that the models violate them. Since they hold, or so I believe, their Christian morals as important, they desire to avoid this conflict. If you disagree, I'll take your word since you have been here longer than I and probably know the situation better than I. P.S. Concerning my remark about the hemisphere. I meant that I believed a good portion of the game's audience has, to some degree, christian standards of dress. I acknowledge I may be wrong.
  3. Because this is a game in the Christian hemisphere. While I am not going to say everyone affiliated or who uses it is Christian, it is published in a mostly christian society. Thus, I hope you can see why someone would have a legitimate concern about proper decency.
  4. A lot of the time, it's the miserly stockholders. If a CEO isn't increasng company revenue enough... Pfft! Off he goes! The stockholders replace him and he is stuck out on the streets.
  5. widelands.org Sorry about the name mishap, it's been awhile since I played. It's real name is WideLands. Glad to hear that you fixed rams for yourself. As for the AI... I've found That on hard they will use rams. Especially with bigger pop. limits. Several times on 1v1 maps without population limits, I've been attacked by a hoard including 7-10 rams. However, it does seem to build them as an afterthought, focusing manly on the main army.
  6. Yes, I think you are wanting a whole different style game. Have you tried the game called, "Farlands?" Although not nearly fancy as 0ad, it has a gameplay similar to what you want I think. Build a booming economy, explore, cantact the enemy, and finish him. Warfare is not the focus of the game, rather, the economy and expansion are. In fact, war simply consists of building troops, training them, and deploying them. It's simple compared to 0ad, but maybe you could look to it for inspiration. Also, What happened to the rams? I understand that this is kind of like a conversation, but have you come to a conclusion about that? Last I read, ShadowOfHassan mentioned that historically they were vulnerable to melee troops. After that, they left to conversation.
  7. Agreed. I just also like obliterating the AI at the end. The rest of your post is right I should think. After reading this thread and posting, I did start thinking that you were right and rams are a bit OP compared to history. After all, they were not amphibous vehichles with gasoline engines and catapillar treads. Maybe they should be regulated more towards weakening the capture points. Something like how a gate gets smashed open and then soldiers can pour in, which could be translated into a reduction of total capture points.
  8. Rams are rather simple machines really, at the minimum, a tree trunk, at maximum, an armored carriage with a capped tree trunk. They weren't that complicated, I think. I'm not a history geek or even someone who studies it outside of school. As for ballistea and lithobolos and similar, such a unit wouldn't be bad.
  9. Rams may be OP, (I love sending a few in a Blitz to destroy a Civ Center), I still think they're balanced. If you have a player near equal to you in 0 AD prowess, They can typically fend off attacks. It's rather simple. (I had a few close calls when learning 0ad against the Persians.) Send siege and melee units against them, including rams! Before all factions had them, yes, they were a sight to induce panic. With a good army though, you can successfully destroy them. (Maybe even commit a counter attack.) Also, they stink at navigating crowds. They are always the last the enter the fray and sometimes the building is captured before the destroy it! Still, as I said before, rams pratical usage is much more nerfed than you think. P.S. What does garrisoning units in a ram do? The in-game documentation doesn't say anything about this.
  10. Rotary Mill, hmm... If I remember correctly, at least in Alpha 23, the Rotary Mill was a unique structure for either the Gauls or the Britons that increased farm production in a certain radius. I think it has been dropped for some reason. "Elves Mr. Frodo! Elves!" The Noldor Ship may be left over from when The Last Alliance was contributing to the game, but I don't know. Maybe it's just and Easter egg ;).
  11. You could order your troops to destroy it by ctrl+R.clicking on the building like you would an enemy's. It might be nice to quicken the process though. After all, your men would have complete access to your building unlike access to another player's. Thus, soldiers would demolish your buildings quickly, even if enemy buildings took longer.
  12. No, its not hot rn It could be that ventalation is a problem. Make sure your laptop air vents are not obstructed (If possible.) Even still, heat can be a problem. You might want to check any heat sensors if possible. And no, I don't know how to do that on Windows 11. That's a rather extreme option. It's not always the easiest to replace everything on a computer OS. Case in point, I have yet to move Office 2016 from my Windows 8.1 to my Windows 10. Did you install something before the problem occurred, but after you had decent performance with 0 AD?
  13. You could always send them to be slaughtered. Just ignore that fact that it gives the enemy loot. It isn't a ton anyway.
  14. I think it might be neat if you could upgrade the standard mercernary citizen-soldiers into full-blown champions. A special building or an additional barracks functionality could be a technology that upgrades all the garrisonned mercenaries into champions. The only downside I can think of is that it might be overpowered and it wouldn't make sense to upgrade mercenaries but not native citizen soldiers up to champions.
  15. I wonder how Musk's "walrus" strategy will work in iron armor.
  16. I agree that normally Rome wouldn't be fighting the Chinese, but it was also improbable that the Mongols would conquer almost half the known world, so geographical awkwardness is not, I think a major concern. Back to the Germans, If we do implement them, Maybe we could give them massive discounts on unit prices and maybe even with their population cost, while lowering their performance per unit. This could give them an early lead in military prowess due to cheap champions, but possibly a poorer chance at victory late game.
  17. If you're anything like me, which there is a good chance you are not, then you're a cheapskate. Some of my favorite free games are, besides 0AD, FreeCiv, Angband, The Battle for Wesnoth, and Speed Dreams. All are open-source. FreeCiv is a clone of Sid Meier's "Civilization." Angband is what is called a Rouge-like game where you upgrade a character (It is typically in 2-d ASCII graphics, so literally, a character) up to where it is powerful enough to defeat the evil boss at the bottom of the dungeon. The Battle for Wesnoth is another 2-d strategy game, this time where you control soldiers in campaigns against enemies over a series of scenerios by manuevering them and ordering attacks. Speed Dreams is a racing simulator that I enjoy using. It is more developed than TORCS, and is a bit more like an actual game. All of them I think are excellent choices, but are probably not as polished as something that you pay $30+ for. Their websites. Freeciv.org, Angband, BattleForWesnoth, and Speed Dreams
  18. I think we should incorporate the monkey head from AoE2 or something similar. Imagine, a naked fanatic with no spears or hands, who runs wildly, screaming random words and annoying the enemy!
  19. Hi. I am trying to make a script for Pi-Apps to install 0ad using the Debian Backports, but the games fails to launch. When I start it, I am greeted with this screen. And when I continue, I'm afraid I have no idea how the game works and I have no idea what it is trying to tell me. Any help would be appreciated! System Info: Computer: Raspberry Pi 4 w/ 4Gigs of ram. OS: Raspberry OS 11 (Bullseye) 32-bit. Priority Level: Low crashlog.txt mainlog.html system_info.txt userreport_hwdetect.txt interestinglog.html
  20. I think the dual-gender mod avaliable in the install-mods page implements its own pictures for citizens, which you might like.
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