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  1. The issue is when people say that the persian army was poorly trained, because it have poorly trained conscript soldiers. The greeks also had poorly trained conscript soldiers, they were called psiloi, of course the size of the greek armies and the persian thousand nations are not comparable. But I don't think, that we should say, that the overall persian army was poorly trained, is like saying that a army of 100 trained soldiers, are stronger, than a army of 100 trained soldiers+1000 conscript peasants. Besides, the conscript soldiers were not a permanent part of the Persian army, they were called in very specific ocasions, but a big part of the army were profesional soldiers, either regular soldiers, or mercenaries.
  2. There is so much truth on those words, the persians have been misunderstuded, devaluated, and wrongly portreyed in RTS games since the beginings. Unfortunatly, the occidental culture feels more identifyed with the greeks, thus there has always been a subyacent discrimination to the persian units in games. Lets just look at 0 A.D., persians are planned to have weak units, and will base their strategy in numbers. It is truth that the persian empire was huge, but where do people get the idea that the average persian soldier was less capable than the greeks?, the greeks never really won a open war against the persians, they just get lucky. On the peneloponesian wars, they didn't expell Xerxes from Greece, he march all the way to Athens, and burn the city, the greeks couldn't do anything about it, then he had to leave to defend his trone, leaving the invasion to Greece unnatended. Alexander campaign was also the result of unusual circumstances, a strong carismatic leader on one side, and a weak, coward one on the other, remember that Darius flee from Gaugamela. But on the mean time, Parmenion and a big part of the greek forces were being crushed on the left flank. And at the end, Alexander didn't conquer Persia, Persia conquer Alexander!, he was withness of the greatness of the empire and the culture, and wanted all that for him, at the time of his dead, Alexander was more persian than greek. I think I may have look over excited here, but I had been and admirer of the persian culture since a long time ago, unfortunatly, persian ascendency is one that I cannot claim for myself, but one of the goals of my life, is to one day visit Iran and Persepolis, and get to know more about that great nation. fzerorubigd, I hope someone of the team can make use of your knowledge, Im sure Michael will see this, and may have something more to add, in the meantime, I would like to get your opinion on a personal project that Im developing for Age of Mythology, you can visit my site, the link is on my sign, and here, or send me a personal message trough the forums, seya
  3. Zerg of course!, protoss are so boring, and when playing the zerg I like to pretend they eat their victims Regarding the original question, I would take the 100,000 in the following conditions: That I had a period of at least 6 months to train them. That the equipment of both armies is similar. That is a battle in a open field, with no fortifications. My strategy would be to send a bunch of ligth infantry to face the enemy on the middle of the battle field, then fake a retreat, when the enemy starts chasing, shower them with arrows. If the enemy doesn't fall on the trap, I would then send reinforcement troups, to the center, surround the enemy with heavy cavalry, suported by ligth infantry. I would hold my archers from shooting, to avoid hurting my own troops, and instead keep them as skimishers to support the infantry on the middle, sending them on waves to make the enemy tire. It would tale a while, but at the end I think I will prevail.
  4. and how many persons do you have on the team now?
  5. I knew Glest before knowing 0AD, its actually a great example of what a Team of Indie Game Designers can do. I think tha the fact that the Glest Team actually know each other outside the web was of great help. I try to start modding Glest, but the information is not quite accesible for a 3D max user.
  6. What I like about this one, is how it shows the ocean currents
  7. Sorry for my little understanding of english, but how can germanic be a verb? I mean, I germanic, you germanic, he germanic... doesn't sound rigth, in any case, I thing it may be an adjective, but I cant think how can you conjugate germanic?
  8. No, Wildfire is not diversifying Read the full article: http://www.killtenrats.com/2009/04/13/game...and-porn-stars/
  9. Im really impresed by the animation, how long does it take you to do that? What I like the most: The legionaries, did you create the models by yourself? The grass , those kind of little things are ussually harder to get a nice, natural look Overall lights and camera, a very nice composition. Congrats, and keep working
  10. Linux is also free, yet you can buy a CD, and is perfectly legal. The reason is because people cannot charge for the software, but they can charge for the CD and the burning of it. Im not sure what licence is 0AD going to have, but once that it get finish, I will make some copies and give them to my friends
  11. A flying unit would have to be able to fly over all the scenario, without restrictions of objects or terrains, is that possible with the current state of the engine?, if not, it really should be introduced, because that simple change can give pyirogenesis the oportunity of be moded into a modern age RTS or even a futurustic one (Im personally looking foward to that)
  12. they where able to conquer the most populated city of their time, what do the pretorians ever done?
  13. Can you provide your sources?, because all the archeological info that I had seen, show that the horses on that time were'nt strong enough to carry a man on their back, it was only later, after centuries of breeding that the races get that ability, and the first ones came from the steppes of Asia. There's also the fact that the draws found on micenic/minoan pottery show chariots and not raiders. But I may be wrong
  14. I love the Micenans, but they shouldnt have riders, but chariots.
  15. Indeed he did, he was like a "one person testudo". But for me the main characters will be Morelos and Guerrero because the where both great generals
  16. The dinamic shadows already give to the game a awesome look Regarding a Mythilogical Mod for 0AD, I think it that if made, it should be diferent than the AOM God Worshiping and Myth units sistem, it should be something more epic.
  17. No, 0AD is not AOM secuel in any sense, what Bob was trying to say is that this game will be far better than the games in the "Age of" series. Of course better graphics, gameplay, and modding posibilities. Something interesting, is that since 0AD will be open source and highly moddable, if someone wants, the engine can be use to make another mythology based game (and I think there are some members already planing that)
  18. I dont know if this has been said before, but there should be a way to pass info betwen scenarios, like if one map you end with only 10 hoplites, you can start the next one with the same amount. Keeping cities will also be nice
  19. HEHE, Im finally in wildfire so expect some pics of mexican units soon
  20. I wish all the members of this community to have a wonderfull new year, may your goals be achieved trough the rigth amount of effort, and may all us have 0 A.D. on our pc's very soon
  21. Another cool thing from google: http://earth.google.com/rome/
  22. Thats not the point, the main advantage a horse gives in battle is to be able to charge against the enemy, because that single moment can leave a bunch of soldiers out of the battle, but once surrounded, the horse can be easely wound, becoming a burden, the best option after the charge is keep moving so the infantry cannot sorround you. But in closed formations, of heavy armored spearmans, the charge doesnt work since the first contact that the horse have, is with the spear, and sometimes the horse can refuse to advance. I still dont see why would the hoplites be weak against cavalry. Has history show, the best way to face a static defensive formation, is with mobile ranged units.
  23. I dont laugh, I want my $100, you better get a good lawyer sir!
  24. The phalanx was weak against cavalry?, I never tough that, I think that every closed formation of spearmans will be good against cavalry
  25. Im aware of the diference. However those sprites that you show are taken from a 3D animation correct?, so in that way I could still be helpfull. Do you have a site?, so I can see more of your game, and perhaps give you a example more similar to what you are doing.
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