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  1. Inded beatyfull art!, 2D games make feel nostalgic. What do you mean by commercial artist, because Im looking to work on a project to get experience, and Im focus on RTS games, check some of my work: I work on 3DS max. The units on the screens are all mine, I can do textures, but my speciallity is 3D modelling and animation. If you are interested contatc me at thegodemperorleto@gmail.com
  2. I dont like AOEIII and I refuse to install it back to my pc
  3. Im currently planing a Mexican Indepence/Revolution Mod for AOM. The Indepence War would be in the same period like a Napoleonic era, and the Revolution starts on 1910 and goes all the way until 1930's. Several important battles happen on those periods and also important characters of the mexican history participate, my favorites being Jose Maria Morelos, Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata. Since Im working over new models, If Michael finally accepts me on Wildfire i could make this mod over the 0AD game engine. Lots of persons in México would apreciate, and probably it can even be a educational tool.
  4. I check 0AD site like twice every week, but i check the forums daily. I also check TLA site once every two or three months just for fun
  5. A terrains showcase would be nice also, but Michael has already post this month screen. And if you look closely, you would see that my last post was not made at 3:00 am but at 5:29 am
  6. How do you expect to finish this game, if you dont have a horde of fans making pressure? BTW is 5:29am and still there isnt any pic
  7. Is november 1 at 3:59 am and no new screen!
  8. I agree with you feneur, and one of the good things about the montly screenshots is that every month we see something new, wich wouldn be posible if you just start making screens at an insdustrial rate. However, I do wish if you update other sections, like the unit and building concepts, maybe give some more info about the game itself, like the characteristics of the factions, or maybe some UI screenies.
  9. But you post it!, so I win!, I shall revive this thread every month
  10. darn! is september 1 at 1:52 m CST and there is no new screen BTW congrats to shogun for his history articles, they are really extensive, maybe a little bit too much
  11. Hey guys from WFG this is just another anoying thread from a gamer who is really desperated to see more of this worderfull game, and I wish this month you dont make us wait for two weeks like in previous ocasions. If you dont want to show ingame pics, maybe some units desings, those are also great.Good Luck.
  12. Unfortunatly not, but let me tell you what you CAN find, at least on my city: There´s a 7/11 every two corners, sometimes closer. You can find tacos every 3 streets At least 35% of the population have a futboll shirt There´s a supermarket at least every kilometer. On our independence day (11/16) the sky gets cloudy because of the smoke produce by the fireworks and the grills No one wears hat Our streets are paved I have never see donkey on the city Oh, and there also arent any cactus nearby
  13. I guess that every part of the world have misconceptions about other countries, but it is true what Michael say that most of the americans are very easily fool because they dont have the need of learn about other cultures. @Alexthegod5 I dont believe that nobody in the world could believe that there are golden made roads I know that there are soccer games on the USA but you guys dont live them like in Europe or Latinamerica Thats true and I love it, I work for a computer company in USA, and they really think that people in México lives in huts, rides in donkeys, and use big hats, and it makes me laugh to death
  14. I know that the staff has stated that there will not be a division betwen civilian and military units, and is Ok on most of the cases but what about the profesional armys?, will the homomoi go back after battle to work the land, and the anusiyas?, what about the hetairoi? Yes most of the soldiers on ancient armies where mere peasants but there was some that where really profesional soldier, living just for battle. Also in another question, if all the units are going to be civilians, then how will be able to choose what Kind of militar unit will they be?, and if they can turn into any kind of unit, will the experience learn has a peltast help whne the unit change into a hoplite?
  15. Well, Im latinamerican so I guess I have to choose Iberian, but I think that I also have blood from the american civilizations, probably one of the tribes that populate north america, and also my great grandmother was pure german, so I dont know...
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