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  1. I clicked on the first link then I found my house by zooming out, I dont know how I pulled that one off
  2. Yay I found my house http://maps.google.com/maps?oi=map&q=Eastp...Sound+Beach,+NY The first house on the left with the huge triangle side yard.
  3. Hello and welcome back, why did you leave wildfire though?
  4. The numa-numa video frightens me, but it is pretty funny they have a lego Bob Ross, his show is awesome.
  5. FPS Doug is the best video, I've watched it 4-5 times, "BOOM HEADSHOT!!", "I can dance all day"
  6. @Mythos, if you would really like to make a game start it, thats what i'm doing.
  7. Hello Matt. Are you the blorx on the wolfire website? I would join the forum parties but my Age of Empires CD is too scratched up.
  8. Go to ebaumsworld.com the have a video on th f-word and its many uses, even though it is funny it will probably answer your question on what it really means, go to flash animation, its in there somewhere.
  9. Awesomeness, I really like the units and catapults on walls
  10. There are some people who try to limit cursing and other things like the FCC (I hate them). It's funny how they sued a channel for airing Saving Private Ryan, not because of all the violence and people dieing in horible ways, but because there were a few curses. They go on about Christian morals and such, so they sued them for half a million dollars, but greed is one of the worse sins hmmmm
  11. I think it was done in Empires Dawn of the Modern World, It worked nicley, if your ally needed help you could just give him some of your units, or if you had to leave you could just give all your units to an ally.
  12. I've mentioned wildfiregames on some forums and posted a link, but I dont think many people came because of it.
  13. I hate spiders, and every now and then there will be like 4-5 in my bathroom that I have to kill in the course of a couple days. I dont know much about spiders though.
  14. I voted Carthage moslty becuase of the elephants, and I think I read somewhere that they get the most types of units because they can hire mercenaries.
  15. I was thinking about making a myspace but then I decided not to, I dont know it doesnt seem that good and I dont feel like making one.
  16. According to him if you spend more then 30 minutes a day on the computer your a hacker, I guess almost everyone here is a hacker. Read the replies the article, there great. the website is a joke, go to topics and look at the pics they have for each one, there pretty funny.
  17. I think you did pretty good, I didnt see any mistakes. the subject verb agreement looks good, but you should wait until someone else looks at this to see if they can find anything. "wir haben viel getrunken" nice
  18. The regents is a test that I think only New York takes, they have it for every subject and if you fail you have to take the course over, its really dumb.
  19. Ja ich spreche deutsch, aber es ist nicht so gut. Ich habe deutsch fur drie jahren gelernt. Ich muss meine deutsch fur dem regents....um wie spricht man "practice" auf deutsch. Das regents gefallt mir nicht!
  20. You like midtown madness, what a fun game, havent played that one in so long. Which one do you play, I like the first one better then the second.
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