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  1. I honeslty have no clue what I want to do, maybe something with history, or games. Not really sure what I want to get into
  2. Huh... never would have guessed . Thats the oldsite which is a little outdated, they have a newer one with, dont think the whole site is theirs but they have their own forum sections. Has the latest realease that the other site doesnt have and stuff.
  3. I've also heard, something along the lines of "The object of war is not to die for your country but make the other enemy @#$% die for his" by Patton And I cant believe no one has mentioned Rome Total Realism. Much better than the original, better map, more diverse units, etc.. Dont have a link, forgot where I found to their site.
  4. Haha, the guy eating twizzlers in the back, "if I catch him I will find him" reminds me of a vid from Ebaums, they took the state of the union and chopped what he said http://www.ebaumsworld.com/presaddress.html
  5. This thread is for asking questions about the beta toph. To answer your question though, I think you mean whats the population cap, it's somwhere between 100-150 I think, could change though. Or do you mean how many units you can make with a single building at a time? I'll assume there is a building queue but it trains one unit at a time.
  6. Basicaly any Barbian civ, probably Germanic.
  7. Favorites....hmmm, for rifles probably the Mosin, Kar98 (dont know how great they were performance wise) Might get a Mosin soon Automatics, DP-28 just looks so cool, BAR is also pretty sexy, my favorites tend to vary though. The AK-47 is actually very different from the MP 44, they look alike but the way they work etc.. is different. The guy who designed the AK (forgot his name) said this. someone else can elaborate. Favorites tank wise, KV-2 for a heavy tank, yes I know it was unreliable, with a huge unweildly turret, but in the beginning of the war the only thing that could stop it was the 88mm. Never really picked favorites, I like them all.
  8. Ahh, some more people interested in WW2 A tank and small arms man myself, although I dont know much about modern times, most I can point out is an Abrams, Bradley, maybe a T-72 <----WW2 U.S soldier with Bazooka
  9. Actually it is pretty safe, anyone willing to spend 17 grand on say a Vickers and a few more hundred on a lisence isn't some moron playing with a gun, but someone who really enjoys shooting and is obviuosly responsible with weapons.
  10. Units on walls are a deffinate now? Last time I saw something on this it seemed unsure. If its true though.. yeaaa!
  11. Didn't we used to have a monthly screenshot and overview of what you accomplished that month? Right now it seems to have slown down and the updates arent as frequent
  12. I think that was intentional for the harder difficulty levels. I'm looking forward to the all unique historically accurate civs, the naval combat, and...I dont know I guess just that standard RTS feel like AoE. I think that was intentional for the harder difficulty levels. I'm looking forward to the all unique historically accurate civs, the naval combat, and...I dont know I guess just that standard RTS feel like AoE.
  13. It keeps showing all forums as unread, and will only go away when I go through every forum and hit mark all as read, when it used to be that if I just left the site and checked back later it would be marked as read.
  14. Are those from the Ebaums world forums? Some great stuff though
  15. I use Mozilla, but the problem seems to be fixed.
  16. After I look at a thread it still says its unread even after I visit the site again, and I dont see the mark topic as read option anywhere.
  17. Competion eh? i've been in 3 schools, but I was little so it wasnt to bad. anyway, why have you moved so much, parents job or something?
  18. I've moved ummm, 5 times? I think, though i've been in the house that im currnetly in since 5th grade.
  19. I've been having some problems to For me it shows every thread as unread, so for every thread its got the red thing in front. Is this just me or does anyone else have it to?
  20. ooo, I think it might have been The Prophet, not quite sure though.
  21. Race Wars! http://www.whitestkids.com.nyud.net:8090/video2/race_war.mov
  22. Hmmm, Im mostly German and Norwegian and some Irish so I cant really pick one, maybe the Celts.
  23. Yeah thats what happened to me, couldn't explain it to well.
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