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  1. Hi @user1 I'm staring to feel bad for submitting so many reports... Quitters are a waste of our time, they seriously damage the 0 A.D. experience. ...I'll play with 1300+ players only. But this solution has a side effect: it will be more difficult for new players to get rated, if we don't play with them. Do the developers plan to redesign/improve the rating system? Is there a forum topic about this issue? I'll try to find it, to check the progress and help with my feedback, ideas, developer skills. Anyway, @Albert_Amadeus is the quitter this time. Could you adjust our rati
  2. Dear @user1 @fortresss has quit a rated 1 vs. 1 without resigning. Please adjust our ratings. Thank you, @mralex commands.txt
  3. Hello @user1 @capamerica has quit a rated 1 vs. 1 without resigning. Could you adjust our ratings, please? Thank you very much, @mralex commands.txt
  4. Hi @user1 and @Hannibal_Barca I won against @BoredRusher today (mralex 1593 -> 1605, boredrusher 1501 -> 1489). Then we started a rematch, but he quit this rated 1 vs. 1 without resigning. 1.5 hours have passed since he had left the game, I'm still waiting for him in the paused game, he's still in the lobby, but doesn't even answer my requests to reconnect, so I can't wait more. It's really frustrating, because we have played for hours and I was about to win. Could you adjust our ratings, please? (mralex +12, boredrusher -12, I guess). Thank you for your help, @mralex
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