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  1. 30 minutes ago, Angen said:

    To be fair, there are other moderators in the lobby. Though not sure how active they are or what timezones they live in so it can happen that even if there will be more moderators, its not guaranteed 24 h moderation so the issue will likely not be solved anyway.

    "Solved" is probably impossible, this is true. But a reduction of harm is demonstrably a positive step forward. I was not aware that there were other lobby moderators aside user1, I thank you for the information. One thing that helps a lot was the integration of the lobby-to-discord bot implemented by Hannibal Barca, that is how I have been able to easily see some especially egregious activity in the lobby, through my 0ad Discord server, I subsequently reported the user, and action was taken.

    I have generally stayed away from these kinds of controversial topics in the forum due to my social anxieties, but I have decided that it is important to spread the load among more people to reduce the negative effects of negativity and toxicity. Having more people responsible for absorbing and rectifying the negative activity will improve the mental health of everyone involved, as they will not have to be exposed to as much of it alone.

    I'm trying not to be upset about this comment, but I can't help but read things into it that might not even be there. When I read "will likely never be solved" my mind extends that to "so it's useless to try to make it better". That's not what you are implying, right?

    I thank you for your contribution, and apologise for picking it apart, I just want to more fully understand your perspective.

    I feel like my response here is an ego-driven defense mechanism, but I decided to post it anyway in order to process my reaction, so that I can learn to more effectively and objectively communicate my perspective, and so that others can learn from it also.

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  2. As others have explained, filter lists are not able to take context into account, leading to false positives. The solution is to have more active moderation, which means more volunteers are needed. These volunteers also need to prove that they are capable of performing their moderation duties appropriately without being too heavy-handed.

    It is a difficult conundrum, because it might be that there is no clear way for volunteers to prove that they will not over-moderate the community.

    The FOSS community sometimes tends to lean too heavily on "free-speech", without recognising the fact that responsible community moderation can increase the net-total of freedom of expression by limiting the ability of nefarious actors to use their speech to discourage minorities from having a voice.

    The main solution that other games have implemented is a crowdsourced one, with easy and visible tools for reporting harmful content.

    As far as I understand it, the only lobby moderator is user1. This person is not able to moderate in their sleep, so having at least one other moderator in the lobby would be a positive thing. This extra moderator should probably be someone who is not also a programmer, time should not be taken away from programming and given to moderation because the amount of programmers is limited. But the amount of people who are capable of responsible community moderation is much greater.

    The problem now comes back to choosing which people are capable of performing these moderation duties without over-moderating.

    11 hours ago, sil-vous-plait said:

    .and that's the last time I'll spell out how to improve (at worst) and fix (at best) the online multiplayer experience of your game.

    I would have said that sil-vous-plait was someone who was capable of performing this moderation, until this passive aggressive and somewhat arrogant post. "spell out" reads to me as patronising. I think that maybe this person was just frustrated, and I do not want to discourage them by pointing this out. I've felt the same frustration that they have, so I cannot really give blame to them for acting on this frustration.

    The best guidelines that I know of in regards to enforcement are included in the Open Source Contributor Covenant https://www.contributor-covenant.org/version/2/0/code_of_conduct/

    Anyone who wants to put their name forward as a volunteer moderator should look to this covenant as a guide to how to perform moderation duties.

    And here is the point where I will put my hand up and say that I am willing to volunteer for this position, I can not say that I will be able to give a large amount of time to this duty, and I would say that at least one more person should also be given this responsibility.

    I also want to point out that I would not be offended if people decided that I am not suitable for this position.

    I hope that everyone will have good days. :)

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  3. The game will display "player bartered 300 stone for 500 food" when in fact what happened is the player bartered away their food in order to receive stone.


    When someone barters x for y, the person is bartering away x in order to receive y.

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  4. I will try to remember to update this post every week with the new replay, if I am late, you might find that someone has posted it as a reply.

    Week 1:

    Team 1 - camelius (Black), Stockfish (Purple), Unknown_Player (Green), Fpre (Dark Blue)

    Team 2 - PhyZik (Orange), DoctorOrgans (Cyan), LANDLORD (Yellow), Vick (Pink)

    Sunday Pro Games Apr 22 4v4.tar.gz


    Week 2:

    Sunday Pro Games April 28 4v4.tar.gz


    Week 3:

    Team 1 - borg, camelius, Boudica, fpre

    Team 2 - ValihrAnt, chrstgtr, Unknown_Player, phoenixdesk

    Sunday Pro Games May 5 4v4.tar.gz


    Week 4:

    Sunday Pro Games May 12 4v4.tar.gz


    Week 5:

    Sunday Pro Games May 19 4v4.tar.gz


    Week 6:

    Sunday Pro Games May 26 4v4.tar.gz


    Week 7:

    Sunday Pro Games June 2 4v4.tar.gz

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  5. 6 hours ago, ffffffff said:

    AH TOTAL SUCCESS !! VERY OP !! ONLY PROBLEM IS DANCE. bc if u hit formations on units its also like a dance or luring with cav and just run away or with hero. i think we need a middle choice of change here. maybe soldier should get exausted from fighting and running or max command list per unit something need to be tested and changed. THX OPS!


    btw.. fpre is a conjunction of fraizy previous so u can say priiii at the end. FRAIZY IS BANNED!!!! XDD


    can someone put replay online ? my ram system killed it on reboot. tx!

    or maybe we can have higher quality in stream next time? bc the numbers cant be see good even in full hd or higher :)

    It was very difficult to read fgod stats on snow biome lol. I wish for an option to scale fgod separately from the main 0ad gui. And to change the font, the default font seems to have some aliasing or something. There will be other streamers also, between us we will figure out the correct streaming configuration.


    23 hours ago, JC (naval supremacist) said:

    very gg.  Thx for comments Feld and Aristol

    I'm not aristol :(


    9 hours ago, PhyZik said:

    GG after all. But when I watched the stream replay I found out, that camel was dancing not only against me but at every opportunity, this fact had also been noticed by the commentators multiple times. He used it against LANDLORD and got big advantage out of it in the first rush. But he also used later in all main battles. Maybe he was busy adjusting his hat (see picture below) when Unknown_Player wrote NO DANCING. On the other hand UP saw that camel was dancing like table***** but wasn't to bothered since he was gaining huge advantages out of this clownshow.

      Reveal hidden contents



    Dancing is too overpowered.

    I misgendered you at least once, I'm sorry :(

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