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  1. Yup, sure is and I do too. @Chis/ Josh: yeah, I know, its in the works, Ive been concentrating more on my actual game than the website
  2. Try clicking the link.. http://img121.exs.cx/img121/5543/tehsuck5zw.jpg
  3. Wait wait wait, I think I know this one... is it...oval'y?
  4. I met Santa the other day, thought I'd show you all how cute we looked.
  5. Ah, but Chipotle is no ordinary mexican food chain, it's a lifestyle
  6. No way Randy, blasphemy! I spent another good 2 hours today just enjoying the atmosphere
  7. B) How dare you speak out against Chipotle! No way!!! Im heading there now actually Ok, I wont say it, but, uh......yeah, you get the idea. No way!!! Chipotle's too good for stuff like that.
  8. Today, I was actually kicked out of Chipotle for staying there too long. How lame is that....
  9. I see celebrites all the time at the Mall of America. They always go to shop for some reason. Its funnay because there will be at any given time a crowd of about 30 people following them around...and they are lame and need a life.
  10. I once pushed an old lady in the snow because she wanted to steal my tree!
  11. I get about 4-5 hours of sleep each night. BUT, I sleep everyday almost in 1st hour, (health = movie class), 3rd hour (teacher = sweet and doesnt care) and 4th hour (history = another movie class), so I make up for sleep at school.
  12. ME TOO! some fat chick dropped 6 (yes 6, dont ask me how) glass bottles of salsa all over, and it took me sooooo long to pick it up... I hate her
  13. No, Randy thinks they are just fine where they are.
  14. My favorite standing position is standing, whats yours?
  15. Oh come on Randy. Need I remind you what exactly this thread is asking?
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