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  1. It is possible to rejoin a game in process... How about a button "reconnect" for when you get disconnected?
  2. Hi all, what is the status of including other game modes? Classic (aoe like) , regicide, wonder race, king of the hill, or others...
  3. another update... if i try to register as existing members.. it doesnt notice. i tried leper and Joshua (names from the screenshots). it doesnt tell me that they are registered. Is the registration server different from the lobby server that checks passwords? I have tried various names, i have tried closing and opening... both do not make any difference. i also have tried logging in under names i tried to create... all to no avail.
  4. side note... if i type in a wrong username and password it gives me an authentication error, which means it can connect to the main server...
  5. Anyone else having problems connecting to register? It seems to notice and tell me if I try to login with a false password, that the password is wrong.. but when I try to register it disconnects... I am using Ubuntu 13.04 I am also connecting from Lebanon, if that matters.
  6. Not much up on the website in terms up weekly updates or planned features... Anyone got some new screenshots to share? What features will be included etc? How many more days left?
  7. Start the game.. click on menu, then settings.. then you will see a whole lot of options that you can check and uncheck. uncheck everything but music and things should speed up quite a bit Also choose maps that do not have a lot of water, or a lot of trees. for example a good fast loading map would be oasis, or any desert map
  8. You need to open the menu - settings in the game, and disable features that your computer can't handle.
  9. As far as sabatage goes.. gave me an idea.. . what about making a unit that can only be made once. If you can manage to get it to the enemy civic centre, it would poison the food supply and cost the enemy player 500 food. (go into negative if needed). It could be rotten meat or diseased, or whatnot.
  10. Maybe it would be nice if like in AOE3 where the spies (or hidden units) could be discovered by heroes. in addition to the other ideas that already have been mentioned
  11. Arabic is quite different. It would be better off making strange sounds until something is found. Iraqi Arabic does have some things that are unique to it, but I wouldn't think you could pass it off as Babylonian. Assyrian / Ashuri is much closer. There are "Caldi" Caldeans, (that also live in Irbil, though I think their language and the Assyrians are the same now. Alternate spelling (Chaldean).
  12. I think it would be a good option that could be ticked when starting the game. It would make things more fun. Gives more motivation to have to sneak up on the enemy.
  13. How about something more random... Like a zombie mode, where you have MANY very weak units coming from almost out of nowhere, just wandering and attacking all players at will. . . When they (the zombies) kill a unit it would have a chance of becoming part of their zombie horde. Or a similar but calling them barbarians would be fun too. I like the idea of having an option to play without territories. That would be nice from time to time.
  14. Since it is going to get released in a few days, why not more screenshots, youtube and hype?
  15. I can't find anything new in trac, is there any planned changes to the fog of war before 11? Right now, it is really annoying when playing multiplayer and the enemy can see you building a secret base, or adding defences to your base. Maybe I was searching for the wrong words?
  16. The resource counter would be handy, but there also needs to be a way to see how many traders are going back and forth. Often times this throws me off when I loose track of which ones are getting what resources.
  17. Although I really found the lady's voice in this annoying http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CE-F2tybkDQ I don't tend to agree entirely with the documentary but it would substantiate what he was saying.
  18. How hard would it be to have a string that says the local IP on the hosting computer? This way they can give it to others to easily connect. I realize having something that would be the internet ip might be more practical for many, but it would also be more difficult. In a lot of programing languages a macro is already available to include the local, 192. IP address... It sometimes is annoying when playing someone to have to minimize when I realize my IP has changed.
  19. Will the Britons get "longbows"?
  20. thats good. i tried doing a search in the forum but didn't find it off the bat. that will be nice to have those implemented though I am sure other things come first, gates etc..
  21. Is there any chance of having these old AOE features put in? I loved using the follow, patrol, and guard features that used to be in AOE2. They would be very helpful in watching out for trade carts etc.
  22. i agree with the idea that you have to manually close them. I think that would be great, and would make the game more difficult in a good way. Surprise attacks would be more surprising... Programing wise it wouldn't be hard to implement. When you have a sprite, or a unit of area, you set mapstate or whatnot. If gate = "closed" then maparea = 1 else maparea = 2 endif If you have to deal with the detecting friends and foes, the coding becomes all the more difficult with pathfinding etc. Keep it simple, let the user close and open the gates.
  23. Hi, this is for the oasis map. I enabled reveal map so I could show a piece of uninhabited area as well as area that the game starts as. Thank you for looking into the problem for me. system_info.txt
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