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  1. Hi All, I recently installed 0ad on a Lubuntu. It is version Alpha X. When I start the game, it has a black background, or in other words all the grass is black. Any ideas?
  2. various scout / light armored guys should be able to hide. i wouldn't think an armored elephant would be able to hide
  3. no one mentioning gates yet
  4. I agree. Perhaps they should have to travel further to get the amount of resources they are getting now.
  5. hey, i would be up for a game. what is your skype name?

  6. These two things are quite easy to implement, I am surprised that they aren't in yet. A simple mute to turn off sound would be great in the settings menu. Also, a simple random civ would be great as well. Are they in the works, or not a priority right now? I know for myself, it is annoying when I cannot mute from within game. I hit the keyboard mute (from Ubuntu) and it does not respond from within the game. Whenever i have a phone call, I either have to close out the game or search quickly for headphones. Anyhow, that would be real handy keep up the good work
  7. Hi , sorry for maybe asking a question that has been asked before, but how do you make units run? I have tried searching for it, when i search for run i get things about running the program. The manual said click the unit twice. Does that mean click them twice with the right or left clicker? Does that mean click the destination twice? Thanks
  8. that is what i was thinking.
  9. It would be real neat if units when they died, left behind their goods. Their goods would be left where they died, so that the materials could be collected by the victor. I think that would be real nice. Although, it should be apart of the game setup that you can choose when starting the game as it might cause lags. When you are playing in a game and resources become scarce it would be very helpful to be able to get the resources that the villiagers had that were killed. Then after the resources are gathered, have the soildier / other unit return back to where they were previously, rather than staying at the mill / civic center.
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