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  1. Sounds good. Agree, a similar tech also exist in AoM and I always think the tech was there for this exact reason: To finish off the remaining enemy.
  2. I remember something like this was mentioned on the wiki as well, a planned feature, given that the wiki is largely outdated I'm not sure if it would apply but personally I think it's a interesting game setting. The player start with some random citizen soldier and women and maybe a hero? And they must find a good site to build the civ center, or we can use the neutral settlement (if it implemented).
  3. I think the AOM's approach would be sensible. The basic idea is if you don't have any Civ center in X minutes, you lose. We may have to adapt and change it in 0 A.D. a bit to account for things like wonders and military producing buidings. Also, there is a tech that allow player to recruit women from house as well (don't remember if it apply to every civs) so the chance that player rebuid a Civ center is pretty sizeable. So, this is my draft: Lose condition - The player resign - The player lost all civ center and cannot build one within 1 minute + If the player has a completed Wonder, delay the lost until said Wonder is destroyed/captured + [something about remaining citizen soldiers and women here]
  4. Agree with the healing factor, as long as it's not overly powerful I think it would be nice for heroes to auto-heal, thus you can keep them on the field longer with some careful play.
  5. Is the name "Marcio" in anyway related to "Marco"? AFAIK Marco is an Intalian name, deprived from the Latin name Marcus.
  6. Maybe follow the instructions here? http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions
  7. I like this, the captured well could made your farms more profitable. This makes me thinking: what if you can build your farm around it and those farm will receive a slight bonus to production rate and maybe unit around it will receive a (very) small healing rate? Or should the well will benefit all your farms? The former is more interesting IMO, it require to player to actively capture and maintain a small farming colony, repel enemy's attacks in exchange for a boost in farming.
  8. I don't think it would add much to the game, we already have 4 kinds of resource (not counting population resource) and players already have to expand and capture territory to secure those resource. Adding more resource would introduce more micromanagement than needed, especially if this water resource only needed to produce livestock. Talking about water, there is this game I played sometime ago that have only 2 resources: food and water. Water must be gathered from wells, lakes or streams and bring back to the base. If your building is on fire you must use water to extinguish it or else to building will take more damage over time and destroyed. If the water ever get added, extinguish burning buildings can be another aspect, but even then I think it kinda require more work from the player's side.
  9. Hi Mythos_Ruler. I'm a bit suprised that you still remember me It's while a quite since I last post. Alot have happened, going to college, moving places.. some busy years I have here . How's everything for you?
  10. My personal opinion on voice-acting is that we either do it good or don't do it at all. Hiring voice actors isn't cheap and place-holder voice won't work well. Not that I think among the team no one can record a good voice-over, but obviously we need a professional to provide an engaging experience while playing the campaign. So for an early prototype strategic campaign, text-only is good enough for me.
  11. Thanks! The press releases should give some big changes that have happened.
  12. Yeah having the ability to mod things in and out is nice, the suggestion I made above does not have to be hard-coded though. I don't know about programming, but going for moddability and "modular" codebase seems like a natural path for OSS like 0 A.D.
  13. I was suprised when I first read this too, since we don't really have this kind of tradition in my country. But then from the tone of the post I figured it out +1 for the good laugh
  14. Heroes with aura are nice, though I think if done right heroes with abilities (like in Warcraft for example) wouln't be so bad. Ideally the abilities should be realistic ,not the 1-hit-kill-several kind but a rally shout and battle horn ability based on real historical evidences would be nice. This way heroes would have a more noticeable impact on battle but only when his troop is around. This give me a thought, we can have army-orient heroes and solo-orient heroes. The former is generally weaker but have greater boost ability to his army and the later is more of a super-soldier, able to single-handedly kill dozen units (though not half the enemy army of course). And I think Rogers' suggestion about morale drop when a commanding hero is slain is nice, not sure how should we implement this. I don't think reduced hp or trying to flee would be good, the former unrealistic and the later seems meta-gamey to me, perhaps a slight penalty to attack stat? This penalty will be removed after a certain time (kinda like a debuff) to simulate the army regrouped.
  15. We do have a changelog? I guess I can just read Revison Log http://trac.wildfiregames.com/log/ps/trunk but if you could provide a link to this changelog that would be nice.
  16. Hello, so maybe you don't recognize me but as you can see from my profile I was a (relatively) old member of this forums. After some big changes in my life and other distractions, I decided to come back to this forums and to see what has happened while I was gone. So, anything big happened New features? More flashy art or under-the-hood changes? Some information about the current state of the game would be much appreaciated That said , nice to meet you all again!
  17. Yes, the elephants and siege engines is a strength of the Carthaginian faction, but amass elephants is no easy task, you actually have to bring infantry to cover the slow elephants from enemy skirmishers. Native Africans cannot handle the job well enough, that's where we need the mercenaries into game. Edit: I'll play a few matches with Carthaginians again in order to address the exact issue.
  18. Some Celtic or Iberian "wonders" would be nice, although they are not as spectacular as other Hellenic or Roman ones.
  19. In the mean time, you could use the IRC to arrange games with people or through Hamachi servers (search "hamachi" in the forums, it should yield some useful posts)
  20. *appear from nowhere* The Gaesatae use swords, so they can indeed wreak havoc on a Spartiates From my own experience, the Carthaginians are a bit weak, IMHO it's mainly due to their mercenaries units are somewhat expensive and lacking in weapons variety (most mercenaries use pierce weapon, the Italics have swords but they are cost-heavy). I haven't played Cart for quite a while so I could e wrong though.
  21. Hmm, if we have some kind of customizable forum theme (Romans theme, Persians theme, Hellenes theme...) , then we could implement different ranks of each theme.
  22. Whoa nice! But would it be unfair to have Roman names only? How about other civilizations? (And yes I post this just to see my new title )
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