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  1. Definitely! I'd LOVE to see the art progress of the game, it will also attract more contributors as well as constructive comments from our userbase.
  2. you are a brony?

  3. Thanks for your replies! Sounds good to me. That's a good idea but in my opinion it's unnecessary, every civilizations in game are depicted at their highest peak, the same applies to the Roman faction, they're are probably at their highest peak in around 100 AD, so it's best to focus on that time period and the player won't be confused by three Roman factions, I could be wrong though. Of course the final decision is for the WFG team to make. I agree with you on this, sir! Like I said above, the final decision is for the WFG team to make, I just want to rephrase that other factions in form of expansion packs would be very nice.
  4. This question has probably been asked many time before, sorry for the inconvenience but I really need to confirm this: Can someone tell me what factions will be available after the 0 A.D. is released? After the expansion pack(s)? From the Factions section in the 0 A.D. homepage: Does this mean all of the above civilizations will be included in the future expansion(s)? And can someone explain to me why do we need Late Rome, Imperial Rome or Eastern Rome when we already have Rome? Also, does Asian empires like China, Japan, India or Mongol will be included in the future too? What about ancient Africa or America? Sorry for asking so many questions.
  5. I too waiting for the Persians, they're my favorite civilization. Nice vid, but the movement of the soldiers seems strange to me.
  6. This is where agriculture began lol . btw, clicky
  7. I don't think a RTS game like 0 A.D. will fit into those small screens, not to mention how frustrating the control will be without a proper mouse and keyboard.
  8. Neat! Thanks for the useful strategy guide, keep up the good work.
  9. After putting more thoughts into this, I agree with you that it's a better to actually control the untrained citizen and since these citizens will replace the old labourer, I think it won't require (much) more micro efforts from the player. That said, the game development is going with the current citizen system, also it's would be unwise and counterproductive to redesign a large part of gameplay before the game is finished so look like this idea wont get implemented in the game. But I'm pretty sure once the game is finished, this could become a fun mod to play.
  10. Please forgive me if I miss something in the previous posts, but maybe we can simplify the training process by have the untrained citizen (different from "labourer" that the player must train manually) spawned automatically at the civ center, but you don't have to garrison them inside a specific building to train and you cannot control them. The training should be done similar to current training system, you click the building (barrack, mill) then select type of unit you want to train, a specialized woodcutter or a spearman for example then the untrained citizen will enter the building and come out as a specialized unit.
  11. As for rocks and metals, we can have a "mine field" to complement the renewable resources idea, the player can build upon them a building and garrison citizens inside to mine. The mine will have limited resource but it will slowly replenish overtime (mimics the way miners dig deeper and deeper for minerals) For faunas, may I propose a new type of neutral building: Den (Lair). The Den AI will automatically spawn animals in their respective type (Lion Den, Bear Den,..) but with a limit in population and frequency and blahblahblah many other aspects like gudo has pointed out. For herbivore animals (Deer, Giraffe, Elephant,...) they'll have to "train" their offsprings without a den ( same to many animals native to Africa).
  12. Some useful links: Ancient Civilizations: http://archaeology.about.com/od/ancientcivilizations/Ancient_Civilizations.htm Ancient Civilizations 2: http://www.crystalinks.com/europe.html Ancient Civilizations 3: http://www.deweybrowse.org/ancientcivilization.htm The History Guide's Lectures on Ancient and Medieval European History: http://www.historyguide.org/ancient/ancient.html Maps and Geography of the Ancient World: http://ancienthistory.about.com/library/bl/bl_maps_index.htm Enjoy!
  13. Ah just some old folk stories about a pirate ghost that haunt the swarm of Louisiana Actually I first hear about 0 A.D. in a Vietnamese Ubuntu forum, so I decided to give it a try and end up here. A link for your convenience: http://forum.ubuntu-...hp?f=94&t=11554
  14. Thank you Jeru for your warm welcome and compliment, I still have much to improve.
  15. Hi! I'm hhyloc and I'm from Vietnam, so apologize for my bad English. My normal favorite genre is TBS games (open source ones to be exactly). But I've stared to shift my attention into open source RTS games lately, and 0 A.D is just what I'm looking for with it's realistic and historical theme, among the good developed, long-standing games with a strong community and dev team. And 0 A.D is also a chance to improve my knowledge about antiquity and many ancient civilizations of the world (right now I'm a complete zero in history). That all I've got to say, best wishes to the dev team and the 0 A.D project. I'm looking forward to becoming a regular member on the forum and a dedicated fan of the game in the future.
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