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  1. @Mythos WOW! That looks exactly like how I had longed for the game to be ! I really love that concept Is that just a mockup you have now, or is something in the works And, Just curious to know how the resource collection will be handled at a high-level strategic level?
  2. @mythos WOW! Will the mauryan empire be included in part one itself?
  3. Wow Wow!!! Looks real cool Are they houses? Can the player select the type of the building, or are they random?
  4. @Sonarpulse zsync (from what is said in their website) is basically just a file copy/sync program. So, like Ykkrosh said, it can be used to integrate with an already installed game to sync any updated files from a central server. There is a difference between an installer and an installed game. An installer contains all files to be installed (along with any metadata) in a compressed form. An installed game contained all the files in an uncompressed form. So, updating an installer does not really make sense and make require lots of unnecessary technical workarounds. That's why all patching sys
  5. Yay. I am able to see the backgrounds, Mythos. They Rock And, forgot to mention that I also love the red strip in the main menu concept proposed by Lion.Kanzen. Makes the screen a little more colorful
  6. I am getting this error while trying to view mythos' attachments
  7. Potter


    Hindus are not against drinking milk, but historically would not like killing cows. So, garrisoning cattle in corral is a good idea
  8. Hurray! Time for celebration !!! The thing about celebrating performance, even if it’s only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities.
  9. You mean the display of the old menu on the right, or the splitting into two levels of menu? I think that two levels of menu would eventually have to be included: 1. Learn to Play 2. Single Player - Matches - Scenarios - Campaigns 3. Multi Player - Matches - Campaigns (why not? This could add a new twist to the RTS genre) 4. Settings - Graphics 5. Custom Content - Add/Remove from Game - Browse & Download 6. History - (Diff factions)
  10. hmmmm. I like this idea of extensibility Maybe then, can we have the reverse of what I previously said? The main screen will be the new menu with things like "single player", "multi player", settings, etc After clicking on an item, like "single player", in the main menu, there would be the old screen displayed on the right side (replacing the drawing shown) displaying buttons like "Matches", "Scenarios", "Campaigns", etc. Will that work out to keep both the camps happy
  11. I too liked the old menu. It kind of differentiated 0 A.D from the other games which has a regular linear menu structure. But, the new menu has potential to display various screenshots - including user-created ones... So, maybe , should we keep the old menu (with some modifications to get a new look) for the main screen displaying "single player", "multi player", settings, etc And, the new menu can be used for the screen that comes after clicking the main menu. For example, after clicking on "single player" in the main screen, there would be this screen displaying buttons like "Matches", "Scen
  12. On second thoughts, I think that Loyalty draining "when cut off from civic centre" could add a strategic point-of-attack to the game. If 0ad wants to add a different point of play, instead of just war, things like this can give players different attack strategies... Of course, with an option like "Disable strategic tactics" to toggle off such things
  13. In the Design Doc for Atlas, it says that "The Editor will be internal and displayed ingame, not external". But, currently the Editor is external and done using wxWidgets. So, will it finally be moved ingame, or left as an external tool? Just curious
  14. I side with this. Territories is a novel idea which has a physical equivalent - that you own those land where your buildings are. And, when your building is single-handed surrounded by enemy territory, we can assume that it becomes intimidating for it to stay loyal and starts losing Loyality. It is also a shortcut for the enemy to capture the building instead of destroying it and building another one... But, I feel that this extra thing about losing Loyality when cut off from Civic Centre, has no physical equivalent/explanation, and could lead to confusion (as the Player wouldnt expect it). My
  15. Wow. I didnt expect such technical depth would have been discussed while choosing the language Anyway, I feel that Javascript has been a good choice, as with the recent browser wars, everyone is tripping over others to optimise Javascript engines ... I also got hold of an interesting statistics that says that the Javascript V8 runs faster than Lua and that Spidermonkey is fast approaching V8 in performance. So,
  16. Hi Team, Just curious as to why Javascript was chosen for scripting (except that it is a very popular language)... From what I have observed, Games have been traditionally using Lua or other languages for scripting. Any particular reason why Javascript was chosen?
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