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  1. As Mythos_Ruler told here, you can't change it now. Development in progress.
  2. And how about Celtic walls and its rampart?
  3. After text being completed 0 A.D. could be added to TranslateWiki. There is already FreeCol, for example. Is this way possible (the correct type of text saving and so)?
  4. Alpha 5, release 9530, Ubuntu, as I have written in The Summary. I haven't seen it again since January.
  5. Posting images for Rasunadon's Ticket no. 20. For some reason I wasn't able to attach them in Help & Feedback section. Second image taken one second after the first one. 20) Backthrowing javelinists: no response yet; this is not Ticket 854
  6. I have done today a big check and summary of all my "tickets". Here are the results (Alpha 5, release 9530, Ubuntu): Closed (is/could/should (not) be done): 3, 4, 6AB, 7B, 16, 22, 28 In progress (thinking about, working on): 1, 2, 5, 7A, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17A, 18, 19 Still open (not answered, ?): 9, 13, 17BC, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29 Bad dog sounds: now barking but when you train him there is a sound of neigh (like some chariot) Missing animal animations: still there, in progress Slow rerouting: could be implemented but will be too expensive due to not-so-good pathfinding Button labels out of screen: done Slower loading: a switch suggested A. Minimize, B. Turning of building: A. Alt+Tab works only in windowed (Alt+Enter) mode, B. hold the mouse Garrisoning system: A. thinking about new methods of unloading, B. gates are not openable Garrisoning numbers: maybe working on, could be done together with Ticket 817 Ships and siege units with GARRISON button: still there Ships moving too tightly: thinking about Ships getting stuck on beach: working on, suggested infantry being able to pull the ship back on water Name of Celtic gate in Celtic is "Insert name here": now there is none Celtic name; all other nations have they home name for buildings; maybe working on Building place of Celtic gate is too large: still there Celtic rampart only graphical: still there but better with silhouettes Getting units from enemy while being hit: thinking about Continue in building: done Rally point on resources/building/garrisonable place: A. Ticket 745, B. ?, C. ? Error while firing from towers: maybe working on Javelinists still going to attack: thinking about Backthrowing javelinists: ?; this is not Ticket 854; I will post those images again Multiplayer now: ? No you-see-this area on minimap: should be Ticket 803 Only date of release in main menu: ? Rally point during building: ? Ships formations: ? Fire projectiles able to set target on fire: ? Spies with silhouettes visible on to their leader: ? Increase of zooming out when over water: could be done NEW Promoting of everything: ? (it say "Promoted" even if you have selected a woman/building/tree/nothing)
  7. But your AI will do the same. So I will then have to counter the units countering my counter units countering its counter units. Are you preparing your AI already for Alpha 6? EDIT: I have written this reply before you have written your one. Cool.
  8. And what about more keyboard shortcuts? That should be really easy. For example Enter = Start Battle (when selecting scenario) Enter = OK (deleting units, ending game) Escape = Menu (during game) Escape = Cancel (deleting units, ending game, when selecting scenario)
  9. Hey, will your AI still be beatable with that?
  10. Siege units: definitively convertible, siege towers and trebuchets buildable on site. Conversions of other units: why not to use druids/monks like AOE ones?
  11. Yes. My "no bots" mode = your "sandbox" mode. The shadows and reflections could help only a bit when problem is in pathfinding.
  12. If I remember well this was implemented in Castle Strike.
  13. Try to turn off shadows, water reflections and don't use any bots. Make 100 units. Any difference?
  14. For me (Ubuntu) it doesn't work too. The names of my maps could sometimes be found in game menu but I haven't seen any map file yet. I tried to told Atlas to save the map in my Documents but even then there was nothing in that folder.
  15. Yes, generally a bit loud, so it is nothing to bother about now. That can wait to Beta. Maybe it is what feneur described as "a bit too distracting". As I posted elsewhere I have problem with only terrain displaying on minimap. So when I am attacked while being somewhere else I need to hear it.
  16. I tried the second piece in game and it works. But it seemed to me a bit too loud if compared to other pieces. The background hum is fine with me.
  17. The only problem is in the crossing of the coast line but I think it is realistic as it is now. If you don't agree, look at the picture.
  18. It is known issue but AFAIK it has been so far reported only for unloading units garrisoned in ships in the middle of the sea.
  19. 1) So he should use another strategy. 2) Wouldn`t be those expensive ones better warriors? EDIT: 3) I was talking only about limited farmsteads not farms.
  20. Yes, undo/redo system would be really nice. I had problems a bit with terrain changing. Several times I kept heightening for too long so needed to flatten it then again. Redo button would have been more useful. No reset button until redo button is implemented. Or we will have some really angry players.
  21. In fact it is an enhancement to highlight all objects so colour blind people are able to play, too. Hey, here is just one .
  22. Oh no. At first I thought that all of these are ideas for 0 A.D. music. Better read next time.
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