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  1. Ingame screen shot: F2 It says where it was placed. To use standard print screen you need to exit sew-less mode with Alt+Enter. Then Alt+Tab will start working too.
  2. It does. For eye-candy formations. And realistic ones. Just imagine how your troops would look like if it was a prime like for example 37. So post your wish in Alpha 6 thread.
  3. Just move your mouse over icons of units when training them in town centre / barracks. There is a label Name/Bonus vs.../Cost.
  4. You don't have to be alone - there could be four players still at war, each one fully seeing his quarter of map.
  5. And what about situation where you have your outposts around the whole world so you see whole map? No spawning?
  6. So press Continue. I pressed it twice and game starts. Then use Shift+D to open Developer setting and check Enable time warp. And press Space.
  7. Completed wall system would be nice but, if it is too big now, openable gates would be sufficient for me. I would like to see both curtain and D&D wall. The curtain ones could be ordered in Civ Centre and built automatically (type of research). Different nations would have different types and shapes of walls. You would be able to place gates and towers IN the wall. Something like in Castle strike.
  8. This is my opinion: Farms around farmsteads could be able to be ordered in farmsteads too and not only in menus of your units. These four farms would be replaced automatically (but not free). Farmstead count will be limited to 2-3 per territory (what about farm territories with lack of metal and stone but allowing up to 10 farmsteads? maybe lowlands next to river?). You would be able to build farms nearly wherever you want them (where it is at least a bit flat so no cliffs, no mountain peeks). But the farms placement would effect its yield. So if you built a farm in the rocky valley it will be really ineffective. On the other side, farms near rivers (and after implementing seasons in flooded area (Nil!)) will give you twice food than "normal" ones. @feneur: Why couldn't technologies be researched in several buildings? If you assign to that research for example three smithies, it will cost you three times (maybe less or only once?) the cost of that technology but the research will be done three times quicker.
  9. 22 closed. It is probably connected with problem No units on minimap reported by Fabio.
  10. I have the same problem - no units on minimap. It worked in Alpha 3 but now in Alpha 5 not. Still using Ubuntu. Here are two screenshots showing similar areas in Alpha 5 (screenshot-minimaperror1) and in Alpha 3 (screenshot-minimaperror2). Hope it helps.
  11. Wouldn't be better if there were new trees growing over time? EDIT: Answers and ideas are already in the topic General Suggestions.
  12. So the game could now be able to save 1 player sandbox map (without AI)?
  13. Alpha 5 Edetania is here so my new ideas and findings will be connected to it, still on Ubuntu. 1) Celtic dog is barking now, great. But when you train him there is a sound of neigh (like some chariot). But neighing dog is better than talking one, isn't he? By the way, if I remember well, ships were talking too. Now you can make great chime with them. 22) The mini-map lacks some rectangle/trapezium to see where you currently are. 23) In main there is only date of release. The full name (Alpha 5 Edetania) would be more useful. 24) When you are building for example barracks you can set the rally point only after completing the building. Ability to place it during the construction would be player friendlier. 25) Formations are now implemented only for land units and not for ships (connected with 10-Ships moving too tightly). 26) Will be fire projectiles able to set target on fire (for dame over time) and buildings on fire "able" to ignite adjacent building/units? I think the fire projectiles are now only a graphic enhancement. 27) Silhouettes are great. What about some units, for example called spies, whose silhouettes will be usually visible only for their leader and for enemy ones only if the spy attacks/is too near to enemy warriors? He will have to have auto-attack turned off, of course. 28) A bit more of zooming out would be great, especially when commanding ships. This is now "solved" with ships moving tightly (10); they will be concentrated in one place just after a dozen of commands. And unchecking Restrict camera in Developer settings is not a good way to solve it.
  14. When I have now read number 11 (ships being stuck on the beach) once again I have an idea for later versions: Yes, ships could be stuck if they came too near to shore but when you get there some infantry (from 5 to 20, depending on ship size; they could be even from the garrison of that ship) they will be able tu pull the ship back on water. It could be done like building new structure from stucked boat to free one. Animations for building will be sufficient.
  15. 18 closed and the third bunch is here. 19) Spearmen and javelinists (and maybe all range units with minimum distance too) have problem when being attacked by some melee unit (f.e. swordsman). They turn, go back a bit and then turn again to attack. But the enemy unit goes too near to them again while they try to attack. So they turn for the second time and whole loop starts again from the beginning. They are faster than the melee unit so they are able to do this loop for some time but when they get in some corner they are doomed. Problem is in the animation showing attacking range unit so it seems there some attack was but that never happens. I think it could be solved with the lengthening of time for which this range unit goes. So it would be then far enough to attack and run again and not only to prepare for attacking and then run. 20) One of my infantry javelinists wasn't affected by the problem from number 19. He discovered how to throw javelins backwards - that could be second solution for 19. Here are two screenshots, second one taken 1 second after the first one. 21) So multiplayer is now possible only when somebody gives me his IP or I give him mine? Is there any stipulated place for such exchanges?
  16. And after pressing F2 it tells you in the left-upper corner that "Screenshot written to 'WHERE_IT_WAS_WRITTEN' " so you should be able to find it.
  17. What about ENEMYATTHEGATES - destroy all your gates (now), open all your gates (in later versions)? For example in Miletus it would be really useful.
  18. 3) Yes, 5 or 10 seconds delay would be sufficient. What about rerouting affecting only units in the sight of the building (that green circle)? 5) Of course I don't mind quickly loading games. Maybe some switch in settings like "to start game immediately/to wait for any click" would solve it. So for several first you will have it ON and read through infos about buildings and units. Then, when you don't want to read it anymore, you switch the option "waiting for click" OFF. 6A) As is told in the first post, Ubuntu. 15) Yes, it really happens only when being hit. I send a horseman to do some reconnaissance and he found an enemy tower. He wasn't then able to return for reinforcements because he was killed while trying both attacking and returning at once. So it would be good to have something to order (for example) your scouts to retreat. Either different stances or more types of move order (or both, and formations, and 5sec delay... ). 16) Yes, for only one unit it is functioning. Maybe it could be solved together with correct group building options (which now depends on the first selected unit). 15 and 16 closed.
  19. @Pureon: I only wanted to tell you all about some of my ideas and maybe do some work, too. RTS games are my favourite ones and I really enjoyed playing of OTTD so, IM(NSH)O, the mixture of both of them, an open-software RTS game for which anybody can prepare new enhancements, is like the finding of new level of heavens. @all: I will continue in testing the game and feedbacking and, if time permits, maybe set to work, too.
  20. @Pureon, 14) Becuase of 16 they only stood there; I was able to select and move them. I only wasn't able to see them under the texture of that rampart. I thought they will appear on the rampart, after completing of wall, not hidden under it.
  21. 4 and 17 closed. @feneur, 7A) The same thing it does now. Or how about this: units will be unloaded (if not specified otherwise) in the direction of your Civic center/the center of territory? @Jeru & feneur: OK, thank you, I found it (full edit of first post).
  22. @Jeru: That's really good - 7B closed. @all:Thanks for fast answers. I think I will write my new findings here too. By the way is there any way to change the name and/or description of the topic? 12) The name of Celtic gate in Celtic language is "Insert name here". 13) Celtic gate has a building place twice larger than the final building 14) Units are unable to use the rampart of Celtic wall like a hill. It's really good place to hide them under its texture so enemy can't see them. Unfortunately, the builders of that wall will stay there after its completion, too (so you tell some units to build the wall and after some time there is a wall and no (visible) builders). 15) It is really hard to make your units to move from an enemy one once they see it. Every second they try to go back and attack him. 16) Units are unable to continue in building of next building once they complete the first (you told them to build five towers and they complete only one). Nevertheless, when cutting trees, they succeed in continuing to the next tree. 17) You can't place the rally point on resources (metal mine), on some garrisoning-able point (neither building (tower) nor unit (ship)) nor on place in FOW/SOD. But all of these things would make the gameplaying better. 18) I get an error "Unit with actor 'wall_turret' launched a projectile but has no actor on 'projectile' attachpoint" when my Celtic towers were firing at enemy. A standard F2 screenshot didn't show the warning so I had to use the system one. Is this error known?
  23. 1, 2, 6B, 10 and 11 closed. 4) It happens only for war buildings; the women ones are OK. It happens both in fullscreen and windowed mode. So all building icons should be protected from floating out of the screen as the not-war-ones are. Three screenshots (bad Epiteichesma, bad Gymnasion and good Agora) are uploaded here. 6A) I waited 10 seconds while holding Alt and slowly tapping Tab. Still it is not doing anything (only in fullscreen, in windowed mode it swaps immediately). 7A) It shouldn't be so hard - the tower (or other garrisoning building) will unload units on that side which is nearer to the rally point. In tasks there was one concerning some line from a building to its rally point. And I think these two things could be done together. So you will place rally point on that side of your wall system in which you want them to unload. 7B) So is there any way now how to open gates?
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