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  1. I recognized that next theme under mine just after the posting of this. So number 6 is OK, Alt+Tab could be used; but only in windowed (Alt+Enter) mode. So I should change it: 6) How to turn a building placement? I didn't find any list of hotkeys in the game but I think that walls and other buildings should be able to be build in other directions than the preselected one.
  2. Some things that I find during first game (Alpha 3, Ubuntu). I trust this is the correct place for such ideas. I know this is only Alpha version. In known tasks I also found that enhancements of garrisoning, gates and animal animations are in progress. 1) When you select a War dog (Celts) and he says: "Yes, sir?" something is really bad. Talking ships and siege units are OK but dogs? 2) Killed sheep are still standing although killed deers were lying. Some animations are missing. 3) Units weren't able to immediately reroute their way to the drop place after I destroyed some of my walls and so made their way shorter. They used the shorter way only for their next way. 4) Some buttons in the right end of the panel were sometimes being placed halfway out of the screen. 5) I would appreciate some START button in the loading screen so I would be able to read all information posted there. Now it was to fast for me to be able to read anything. 6) Game wasn't able to minimize itself with the Alt+Tab shortcut. 7) Garrisoned units were unloaded outside the walls. That was actually not so bad because I didn't find how to open the gates and, before I find this error, I had to move my units outside the city with fishing boats. 8) Buildings with garrisoning enabled should have somewhere number how many units can be stored in. (for example "garrisoned 4/20" - 4 unit are inside, maximum is 20.) 9) Ships and other units (I think maybe the siege ones), which can't be garrisoned, shouldn't have the button GARRISON in their menus. 10) Ships are moving too tightly and because of that their pictures are strangely mixed together into one supership. It looks awful. 11) One of my ships went so near to beach that she wasn't then unable to go back. That shouldn't be able to happen.
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