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  1. offtopic: would be good, if the animations started with a short, random delay, so units look less like in „sync“
  2. maybe implementing a minigame in pause would be cool (like in chrome offline, snake, tictactoe...) and show these highscores in the pause dialog
  3. a suggestion for displaying health: would look nicer for single/few units, because it doesnt overlay units faces etc.... propably usefull if lost health is displayed in the "front segment" or the circle is rotationg.. the circle could pulse if health is (very) low...
  4. why don't you draw "footprints in the sand" instead of a black-line.. would make sense for me
  5. just thinking of a proposal for the way you select units:
  6. i'd rather like the star maybe you could make it a bit transparent and in playercolor
  7. cavalry is able to jump over those (at least in theory ), so it doesnt take any damage from it; maybe this way of crossing the pickets could have an animation
  8. nice, but the large ones should be "exceedable" (without taking damage) by cavalry
  9. i would suggest Dionysos: the god of wine, joy etc. or, if celtic Donar: which is the (old) german name for Thor
  10. @Pureon: thats exactly what i mean @feneur: sorry: i thought of an option in the options menu to have a static camera (so that you cant even turn it ingame)
  11. hi there, i have a view ideas for 0ad: * make an option to fix the camera (some like to have the same view, no accidently angle-changing...) * fog of war should have intermediate stages (e.g.: start by 60% to 100% "fogged")) * repair ruins (e.g. an decayed watchtower in an strategic position) * raise terrain randomly a bit around buildings (this way they won't look like built on an perfectly flattened place) (* maybe in addition to that: add grass small plants at its walls) * traps to protect city walls and finally: *crocodiles (that attack units/animals crossing a river (e.g. Nile))
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