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public_key = "RWQBhIRg+dOifTWlwgYHe8RfD8bqoDh1cCvygboAl3GOUKiCo0NlF4fw" ; Public key corresponding to the private key valid mods are signed with
baseurl = "https://api.mod.io/v1"
api_key = "23df258a71711ea6e4b50893acc1ba55"
name_id = "0ad"
1. How can I get them: public_key = "RWQBhIRg + dOifTWlwgYHe8RfD8bqoDh1cCvygboAl3GOUKiCo0NlF4fw and api_key = "23df258a71711ea6e4b50893acc1ba55"
2. I can't open this address: https://api.mod.io/v1.
3. How do I change them?
4. https://mod.io/apikey/widget?email=juty99%40hotmail.com&newsletter=Notify+Me    I typed in my email address, but I didn't get any mail. Why?
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It's a new way of packaging Mods allowing them to be signed digitally in partnership with ModDB but it's not yet ready to go live what you visited was a test web site as was announced here on the forum wait till the official date when all the testing is over.

Enjoy the Choice :)

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