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Mouse\Camera Controls

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Hi, Is there a way to customize controls? or to change some of the hot-keys, mouse control?

I am having a couple issues:/

- Panning with the middle mouse button. It doesn't seem to do anything really. It would be good if I could pan around in an x/y/z spectrum, instead of just, zoom in, zoom out, left and right. you know?

- this keys : "[ ]" for rotating buildings do not work on German Keyboards, It would be good if we could cusomize or assign them to other keys so that we are able to rotate the buildings.


just that really, other than that, the game is honestly magnificent.

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what about the spectrum panning?


will custom keyboard shortcuts will be implemented in future Alphas? Betas?



for example, making the Ctrl+arrow also work with the middle mouse button.

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I don't know what you mean by "spectrum panning" but you can rotate the view with ctrl-a ctrl-d ctrl-w and ctrl-s.  (You can see all camera hotkeys in the default.cfg file mentioned in the settings manual I linked).  The middle mouse button works (or should work) like this:  click and hold with the middle mouse button, and move the mouse around.  The view should pan as you move the mouse.

By the way, you can also control the default camera speed and angle.  I find the default speed is too slow.  I also prefer an overhead view because it helps me to judge distance, although perhaps it's not as aesthetically pleasing.  I use these camera settings in my local.cfg:

[view] ; Camera control settings
scroll.speed = 300.0
fov = 45.0
rotate.x.default = 60.0
rotate.y.speed = 5.0

The way I use the camera, I hardly ever rotate the view if I'm not spectating.  I just use wasd to move it around, or I click on the minimap for long-distance camera changes, or I press f to focus on a selected unit.  I don't use middle button scrolling either.

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