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  1. Thanks for responding Stan`! I disconnected my second display and the issue continues, even after a reboot of the OS. Moving the mouse to the right, diagonal right & down, or just down, the view only moves a tiny amount of distance. Moving the mouse in the other arc of direction, it moves fine. Could this simply be an old config file / registry issue? I played 0 AD a few years ago on the same PC and it worked great.
  2. Greetings all! I apologize if resurrecting's an old thread of inappropriate, but I have a similar issue. I recently installed 0 AD on my Windows 10 20H2 machine, and noticed a camera issue. I'll set the scene. I launch 0 AD in full screen mode, start a game, and see my village. If I move my mouse to the left, the camera/view moves accordingly, sliding to the left. I do not know if this is to truck or track the camera. But if I move my mouse to the right the view moves a tiny amount to the right and stops. I then repeat the movement to the right and the camera/view moves a tiny
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