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===[COMMITTED]=== New animations for fishermen

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@Alexandermb Better ! It still looks like sometimes the fishnet  start moving before the unit. Do you think you can fix that ?

Here an example on how we could fake the fishing basket https://github.com/0ADMods/terra_magna/blob/b6e7ff355c3575aed26edc8389aff248b76f9b2c/art/actors/structures/chinese/fishing_ship.xml
The jumping fishes looks nice but a bit out of place.
Basically it's empty at the beginning,

Middle when gathering,

And full when carrying.

Nice work


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Can't see where it starts moving, i used for the net something similar to enrique's death simulation but instead of a rigid body i used cloth simulator, and pined with cinematic IK each bone to one vertex group so to the cloth simulation mesh, here's the file to take a look.

Hellene fisherman.7z

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