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Found 8 results

  1. This thread is for sharing and discussing information on architecture for the Han China civilization. While I'd like to see them included in the public mod, I think it's important they're based on reliable sources, and stark anachronisms should be avoided. (I had a quick look at the ROTE subforum, but didn't see a discussion on this specifically, hence why I'm starting a new thread.) Before posting whatever turns up in a quick search, please verify it's actually from the Han dynasty, and not from some later period: c. 1600–1045 BC Shang or Yin c. 1045–771 BC Western Zhou 771–481/40
  2. Dig up from Han Dynasty ancient text. Generic Term fù nǚ (妇女) Woman shāng rén (商人) Trader rú shēng (儒生) Confucian Scholar dào shi (道士) Taoist (I will exclude Buddhists atm because they spread to China during Eastern Han) bù zú (步卒) Infantry qīng qí (轻骑) Light Cavalry tū qí (突骑) Shock Cavalry jiàn shì (剑士)Swordsman. The term shì '士' might implies these are not your run-of-the-mill everyday sword infantry though. jiá shì (甲士) generic term for 'armored infantryman' jiá qí (甲骑) generic term for 'armored cavalryman' Border Army tún tián bīng (屯田兵)frontier guard - settler. Think Late Roman Limitanei
  3. Today, we are proud to announce the first design team dedicated to 0 A.D. Scion Development is a collection of ambitious developers and game enthusiasts who have come together to develop third-party content for Wildfire Games' real-time strategy title. Our group of talented, tight-knit designers donate their free time to development with a common goal in mind: to contribute to the 0 A.D. community and further the limits of the game. After extensive construction of the team's logistic aspects, we are thrilled to announce our debut project, The Rise of the East, introducing a brand new faction t
  4. Far over the misty ponds cold... Update There is a small chance that this map can be playable , guess it would have to be 7vs1, nah, just kidding, 3vs1 would be okay. What would be most possible its to use the cinematics, i hope i can. Im running out of ideas in this map, don't know if to make more larger the city or just fill it with fauna/flora. If someone wants to give me an idea, i'll glady accept it. The city and the docks needs details. Enjoy it
  5. The Council is both happy and proud to announce a brand new release!!! What is it?Rise of the East focusses on one faction the Chinese, during the Han Dynasty to be precise. With it's fancy theme this is surely one to mark! As a release name we've chosen Jīngzhì. This word means refinement. We've chosen this name because this mod is coming closer and closer to it's final state. What is new?The new release features a new building: the 'Government Center'. (modeled by Stanislas69) (See the big building in the top image) This buildings comes available in Phase III and features some technologie
  6. I saw Ayakashi's great post about the Tang Dynasty and think that the Chinese faction wouldn't be complete without Song Dynasty for part II of Millennium A.D. Here's my proposal: Song Dynasty (960 - 1279AD) Brief history After a period of upheaval and unrest that was the turbulent Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, the Song Dynasty rose up and reunite the Chinese people once again (to certain extent). A period of relative peace soon followed, and Chinese cultural, economic and scientific advancements were at all time heights during the Song Dynasty. Nevertheless, the Chinese
  7. The Council is both happy and proud to announce a brand new release!!! Rise of the East What is it? Rise of the East focusses on one faction the Chinese, during the Han Dynasty to be precise. With it's fancy theme this is surely one to mark! As a release name we've chosen Sun Tzu. This person is renowned for writing The Art of War. We've chosen this name because of the huge changes with regards to the army (check the What is new? section). What is new? With the help of some Chinese historians we (especially Stanislas69) have turned the Chinese Army upside down. A lot of armors and he
  8. Not sure if it should go here or with the ROTE threads but here goes anyways... This topic is just to lump in all the art shizzle that needed to be done to help finish this mod. I'll help as much as I can with the concept art department, and if anybody want me to draw anything, gimme a shout! I suppose we still need (correct me if I'm wrong or missing anything): Stable Gate Fortress* Blacksmith Wonder Any possible special buildings Champion Units? More Cavalry? And here I got the Storehouse to get things started: (tried to keep it consistent with existing structures but dunno if I done a good
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