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  1. Curu has been gone for quite a long time now - last time i talked to him was early 2006 - he had been transfered to a new school - quite a distance from his home where i think he'd need to travel around 2 hours by train every morning and back in the evening. so there goes his free time ...
  2. yeah - we were sweating like *&!@% ... it just poured for 30 minutes some moments before that shot - so humidity was up at 95%
  3. yeah - pretty sharp folks here @WFG here's a shot of my thai-style wedding suit just prior the begin of the ceremony on July 18th 2006 on Koh Samui - including my son Julian
  4. fear not! we are advocating a neutral approach on this topic. everybody is free to pursue (or not) his/her own religious leanings. i can only speak for myself when i'm saying that i am an atheist. internally it is an 'un-written' law that team-members should not participate in an controversial religious or other sensible discussion - and if they do they should mark the oppinion as their own, which has nothing to do with the rest of the team. perfectly understandable - but to sum it up - we are in no way religious zealots -> our Application Form
  5. yes - this is definitely the currently best depiction of ancient warfare on screen. i've purchased the book 'Alexander the Great' by Robin Fox Lane and i'll give it a read on my vacation starting next week
  6. Mae govannen, Telchar Master-smith! glad you've stumbled upon our Dwarven Artwork - as Anushka (Naurwen) already said - feel free to mail some samples of your drawings our way. cheers
  7. yes - it's disgusting and sad see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4661059.stm but let's not forget the daily bloodshed that we are witnessing in Iraq itself ... it's a sad sad world ...
  8. @Klaas ... ouch ... atleast she was out of harms way ... unlike many not-so-lucky people on the eastern coasts. but i think ppl should travel again into those countries (maybe now even more than before) because the local populace really needs the money that tourism brings
  9. haha ... wow you guys turned off-topic ok ... let's make a compromise ... new topic - "Which country would you want to go to - depending on it's local beer" ( if that were the case i'd pick Bavaria - mainly due to their excellent Wheat (or white) Beer ... in all flavours - from crystal clear to natural to dark ... yummy! if it were just for the country itself - my current pick would be Thailand! me and my wife are suffering from withdrawal since our holiday there in Summer 2003! (we've been to Koh Samui - in case you were wondering)
  10. @David - shouldn't you be doing your GD Task ? *cracks whip* but thats interesting - i was under the impression aswell that we had more european members than that ... kudos to our american friends (
  11. hey congrats matteo ... wow ... all new stuff around your place ... new car, new 'puter ... whats next? house and kids
  12. There are several people here that come from german speaking countries (myself -> Austria; DarkAngelBGE -> Germany; janwas -> Germany; Fire Giant -> Germany) spring to mind. So that's the 'native speakers' if you want. Schöne Grüsse nach Kentucky!
  13. dum-de-dum *whistles inconspicious tune*
  14. really? well that one was probably in mint condition ... mine is a bit errm used ... but still!
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