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  1. From that place i've downloaded your mod - first time, as you can see, 21.08.2019
  2. Once again - you're all together great artists ...
  3. That's to much , so many units ... I get confused
  4. Yes, indeed. But more import for me is the fact, that the both javelinists starts with a spear, but when starting attack melee, the spear is gone and the first javelin appears from the world. Both have no sheet as i can see. They should have "jav_ammo" in left hand
  5. Please look at the video - iphicrates and xenophon are javelinist, they shouldn't have a spear
  6. I've found the tupi - enjoy Sorry for the quality, but YouTube has the video-resolution decreased to 1080p (created was in 2160p) - sorry.
  7. Romans (Imperial-Republican-Mixed) i'm sorry about the ugly GeForce Experience Overlay - i forgot to hide - sorry
  8. The Zapotecs in the jungle more pic's on https://imgur.com/a/CqceeU2
  9. That's right, i tried this terrains myself and wrote them with underscores in the biome-file (out of habit). In this context i figured it out. For example, in the original "snowy" Biome you can see several missing underscores:
  10. Hello guys, today i've got some error-messages about missing terrains: I figured out, that there are several terrains in the folder "\0ad\binaries\data\mods\public\art\terrains\snow" which didn't follow the name-conventions (missing underscores): Or is this by design? Greetings and thanks
  11. I don't know whether or not it's a joke https://www.gaming-grounds.de/total-war-saga-troy-wird-direkt-zum-release-verschenkt/ https://www.epicgames.com/store/de/product/a-total-war-saga-troy/home
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