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  1. Hey guys! Some of you may or may not remember me but I'm back with making Hyrule Conquest build order videos! Wanna try and knock out a bunch of other videos too hope you guys enjoy
  2. Streaming gameplay of Ordona Province! The new faction for Hyrule Conquest. Mostly streaming myself experiment and test balance stuff http://twitch.tv/ironwolfalchemist
  3. Good video! Looks like it will help any aspiring Gaul players out a bunch
  4. Hey guys! The tournament is almost over! Just a few more matchups and we'll have a victor! @Baskom Welford needs to play against @ValihrAnt for the loser's quarter final match, @Jofursloft will play the winner of that match for the loser's semi final match, then @Hannibal_Barca will play the winner of that match for the loser's final match, and lastly the winner of that will face off against @Feldfeld in the grand finals.
  5. Hey guys! We're moving along great for the tournament! The next round matchups will be posted below I have already sent out messages detailing your matches so be sure to check those out. 8 - Zolrolt vs. BaskomWelford 11 - Nani vs. Jofursloft 12 - ValihrAnt vs. Winner of 8 14 Feldfeld vs. Hannibal_Barca (Best of 5 Set)
  6. Streaming Hyrule Conquest! Come visit!
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