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  1. the base game... the game WFG releases shouldn't have these types of features because it doesn't lend well for balance. But this is an easy addition with a mod. I've already visualized the mod so it's probably a matter of a day worth of work.
  2. Javascript is very different and will never look like AOK, but I'm very understanding of the ease of use issue. I don't know AI and never scripted AI although I plan on teaching myself so I can contribute to the AI language for 0ad. So far, RMS has been progressing well and I'm even close to first draft status . I can assure you anything I touch will be built to be easy to use without sacrificing power .
  3. BitTorrent in multiple locations would do the trick imo.
  4. I'm very keen on having a game server for 0AD. I think we will offer it one way or another. The game won't be popular without it or at least not last as long as AO games.
  5. Our scripting language will be using a Javascript engine made by Mozilla. So, it'll be more like AOM than AOK, but it's a whole new language so it'll take some getting used to regardless of which one you know.
  6. It's very possible if you learn how to script it. It's probably possible by just using the scenario editor as it's planned to be pretty extensive.
  7. I think the engine is very capable to do another genre aside from RTS such as an RPG, although it won't look like Final Fantasy .
  8. you can choose between men and women, but I'm not sure if we are supposed to say more than that .
  9. RMS scripting will be alot like AOM and nothing like AOK. The plan is to create simple interfaces over the low-level advanced stuff so it can be inviting for beginners, but feel limitless to good scripters.
  10. I only make blood maps. You can come up with unlimited ways to make the game play totally different than it's supposed to. RPGs are ok, but IMO, RPG in a strategy game hasn't really reached an interesting level yet. TTF for aok was definately addicting .
  11. believe me when I say I will entirely jump into this part of development when it comes. This is extremely important to me as it is to all of you, and it's also something I find fun when it comes to code. One thing I plan on suggesting or if I'm to code the server will implement is infinite nicknames per email. This allows for people to change their nicknames for example when they join or switch clans without having to start over in rank. It'll be one account per email, but you can change the displayed name as many times as you want. Of course, this type of thing needs to be approved, but I do
  12. I doubt there is a need for BT for alphas and betas. but it would really help out for public releases. BitTorrent is a protocol used to download. The cool thing about it is the people that are downloading are sharing their upload capabilities and uploading the part of the file they already have. This minimizes how much bandwidth a site uses up.
  13. I'll be able to donate several hundred gigabytes of bandwidth. It'll probably be enough for betas and alphas, but I don't think I can handle the strain of public release. vivehosting.com for affordable hosting everyone .
  14. The javascript everyone knows and loves isn't what you will be using in 0ad. We will be using the Javascript language, but the functions you recognize like onload and such are web related and will not be in 0ad. And Javascript isn't faster The language is better, but Lua was fastest. but believe me, Lua isn't something you'd want to code with .
  15. off-topic: but whizhost died? hah, I knew it was going to happen Most people didn't believe me because they thought I was biased .
  16. first 0ad mod in development, eh? will it be the first released? .
  17. WFG came from a community of modders... you can bet the engine will be designed for modders. I'm one of the scripters who are putting time to design the scripting, and the way I do things is look at our game's requirements and abstract it in a way as to allow modifications beyond the game design's restrictions. I think that's how everyone in WFG is looking at it so this is going to be quite the engine to look out for . But as Acumen said: The modders are using the same tools the WFG team uses, everything from gameplay to a unit's actions is defined via scripting. If, for some reason, data has
  18. They will both use the same exact engine with only scripts being the difference. Difference in gameplay will be scripted, so it's just a matter of learning the scripting language . I haven't been able to do much work on it lately, but the main goal of this project was to make the most customizable RTS engine out there. The design document is one of the important successes of the development, you should really get to work for next year We should be done by then. In the mean time, stir up interest just as you are. Be open to debate and suggestions, and start a team of game designers, artists, a
  19. I'm with matei... I'd already be bored of scripting since I'm going to be doing alot of that during game development so all I have to do is play the game .
  20. I really like ulysess' idea of infantry taking over, archers shooting arrows, type thing... although we have planned for archers a long time ago
  21. I'd like to go the route of making our own gamespy type thing which programmatically speaking isn't complex... getting a server would be the problem .
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