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  1. I'm back on this again. I have an update: I believe I've more or less fixed the stuck units problem, by making units slide only if they are following long paths. When following short paths, they behave as before. Here is the latest diff for trunk: I might want to try implementing flocking as well, to make the units more responsive. Units tend to pack too close together and a large group doesn't stop all at once. Instead, units wander around at the destination. Flocking could solve both of these problems. Flocking would also mean only one long path needs to be computed when you select a bunch of units and tell them to move, instead of one long path per unit. mergedslidingdiffmar2017_2.diff
  2. You actually want to garrison units in the temple, which is 3x faster healing than the aura.
  3. Except - ranged units and buildings at higher elevations get a range bonus. The corral lets you upgrade cavalry walk speed and sheep production time, but not the gather rate.
  4. I would not recommend building an extra cavalry just for scouting early on, simply because it's not that important. After the chickens are done - which only takes 2 mins - most good players just scout with the starting cavalry. borg- uses the starting cavalry for deer after the chickens, which gives some extra food and speeds up his lightning fast build a little. Although, deer hunting is less important than chickens, because the gather rate is only like 1/3 as fast due to hunting and walk time (depending on how far away the deer are), with a net gather rate comparable to 3-4 extra women farmers, or 1-2 women berry gatherers.
  5. Cavalry harvest chickens roughly 5x faster than women. It's 400 food in 120 seconds for 5 women harvesting chickens, vs. 400 food in 110 seconds for 1 cavalry harvesting chickens.
  6. Your cavalry on chickens is a big, fast early food source - 400 food in 110 seconds. If you watch borg-, he actually doesn't scout until quite late, and then at first he only scouts around the enemy base for potential places to attack. Instead he uses his starting cavalry for chickens and then hunting. Scouting is not that important early, as long as you have a forest.
  7. elexis, I think the wood gathering rates are fine as they are. If women were significantly worse at wood gathering than men, then most rushes would be impossible because people would make very few women and would have enough soldiers to defend. I would consider that boring.
  8. Women are almost as good lumberjacks as men - and they're a lot cheaper. So you can have 90% women lumberjacks until you switch over to producing men. The thing about women miners is that women give men a gathering bonus, so you can put just 1 woman on each mining spot to give the men the bonus. But no more than that.
  9. These steps can be approached and mastered one at a time. By the end of it, you should be able to have a strong economy as you go from age I to III. Other aspects of gameplay matter too, such as specific builds, rushes, or tactics, but having a strong economy is the most important part. Don't fall into any of these early game traps: Farms go adjacent to your CC or farmstead, as close as they will go. I've seen many new players who put them a distance back. Don't do that. Don't use women for mining. Don't use men for food gathering. Use women or men for woodcutting. Cavalry are for hunting chickens or other animals. Only cavalry are good at this. Hunting is a very fast way to get food unless the animals are very far from the dropsite. If you have berries, build a farmstead right next to them and have some women harvest the berries. It's twice as fast as farming. Don't let your workers carry resources too far. Put the storehouse right adjacent to the trees when they chop wood. If your workers (except for hunting cavalry) are walking twice the width of a storehouse to return resources, they are walking too far. Don't make a barracks until at least the end of age I. A lot of noobs make a barracks way too early, or even more than one. Your CC can produce enough soldiers by itself. Don't make walls or wooden towers in age I either. Good players generally agree not to use walls, anyway, and plus in age I it's just a waste of resources that the enemy can simply walk around. Don't start mining anything until the end of age I. You don't need it. Practice until you can have constant production of units from your CC (Civic Center) for the first 10+ minutes. You should never let it be idle until you're in age III. That means: You need enough food income to produce women nonstop until population 50. You can produce soldiers after that. You need enough wood to make houses - and you need to make houses far enough ahead of time so that you don't get stopped by the population limit. In alpha 20 at least, once you hit age III the plan should be to make lots and lots of champion units. Practice not harvesting resources you can't spend. If you're ever thinking "I have more food than I need - but I wish I had more wood" then you need to transfer some workers from food to wood, and figure out some way to spend the food. (Actually, you probably needed to transfer the workers two minutes ago, but late is better than never). If you have 1000 of any resource in age I-II, you have way too much. If you have extra wood, a good way to spend it is on economy upgrades. The highest priority upgrade is berry gathering, then woodcutting, then farming, then mining. You want economy upgrades as early as possible so you get the benefit for longer, except for the upgrades that are super expensive. Adjust your typical build order so that you avoid having too much of the resource. If, last game, you had way more wood than you could spend, then this game, don't put as many workers on wood so early. And so on. This more than anything else is the mark of skill. You know you're doing it right when you have just enough of every resource you need, exactly when you need it, and little excess. Watch replays of good players! A lot of people don't know where replays are. From the starting screen, they are under Tools/Options. If you spectate or play a game with borg-, The_Company, or nobody___, then after the game you will have a replay of an expert. Switch to that player's perspective in the replay and follow what they do - what they build, when they build it, how many farms they make, when they get upgrades. Then try to copy them in your next game. If you're spectating a game with good players, you can switch to the perspective of the best player and watch them as they play, instead of going to the replay. Practice using Shift to queue up actions. For instance, don't just tell your woodcutter to make a house - tell him to make a house, then shift-click back on the tree! That way he will go back to woodcutting when he's done building the house, and he won't be idle. Work out exactly what you will do in the first minute. This is a "build order." For every civ, you want to put the cavalry on chickens and the women on berries, and the men on wood. You also generally want your first batch of 5 women to chop wood, and the next 4-5 women to harvest berries. The order in which you make a storehouse, a farmstead, get the berry upgrade, and make your first house can vary. Britons and Gauls can build a farmstead at the berries, build a storehouse at the wood, and research the berry upgrade. They will have plenty of time to get 75 wood and make their first house. Most civs have houses that cost 150 wood and grant 10 population. With these you can't get the farmstead, the storehouse, and the berry upgrade all at once, and still have enough wood for your first house. You have to pick two of the three. If wood is very close to your CC, you can get the farmstead and berry upgrade, and get the storehouse later. If wood is far away, you need a storehouse, so you have to skip the berry upgrade to have enough wood for the house. With these civs you will need to use 3-4 workers to make the house once you have 150 wood, so that it will be done in time. Iberians and Mauryans occupy a middle ground since their houses cost 75 wood but they don't have the population bonuses of Britons/Gauls. You can figure something out if you want to play these. Mauryans have an elephant, which can do the job of a storehouse or farmstead and help build houses. Ptolemies are weird. Batch Production. This is one of the secrets that separates the good players from the experts. borg- produces in batches of 5 almost all the time, and in batches of 10 when he has enough resources! Even a batch of 15 can be worthwhile. Batch production by 5 is 38% faster than producing single units. Batch production by 10 is 57% faster. Batch production by 15 is 72% faster. You need more food to batch produce women this way. That means more on berries (like 10), more hunting, or earlier farms. You need to plan houses more in advance, too, so that you have 5 or 10 population open when it's time to produce. Don't delay more than a few seconds to make a batch. It's better to just be producing 1 unit if you don't have enough houses or food for a batch. Some players have altered their javascript to let them batch 3 or 4 instead of multiples of 5. This is cheating. Use hotkeys for at least your production buildings, perhaps also other units. Select your CC and press Ctrl-1, and now you can select the CC again just by pressing 1. Your barracks can go on group 2. This helps you to keep production going smoothly even if your attention is elsewhere. Be familiar with rushes. There are many types. The primary purpose of most rushes is to deny wood from the enemy by killing woodcutters. The best way to learn how to do rushes is to watch replays of experts who rushed effectively. I recommend not rushing until you have mastered the normal economy boom from age I to III. Spartan Skiritai rush Ptolemy camel archer rush 3 minute cavalry skirmisher rush Briton slinger rush Roman swordsmen rush borg-'s 10-11 minute champions Not all rushes are "effective." If the rusher killed 20 women but lost 10 cavalry and was driven away, that was probably not an effective rush, since 10 cavalry cost more than 20 women. Check the attacker's and defender's economy scores and populations afterwards to see if it really worked.
  10. Play normal speed (1x). There is plenty to pay attention to in 0 A.D. at 1x speed. If you play on a higher speed, you'll miss out on it. Good players who choose to boom their economy can reach age III with around 120 population by 12 minutes into the game, starting from low resources without treasures. If you can't do that yet, then there is still plenty for you to click on and look at, at 1x speed.
  11. Player skill levels are hard to figure out when setting up multiplayer games. As a result, it's often tricky to set fair teams when you don't know everyone well. Ratings are not always effective at telling the noobs from the good players, since some good players have low ratings as a result of playing against very good players or not playing rated much, and some mediocre players have higher ratings that they got from beating noobs. I have a suggestion: an additional player stat, derived from rated and unrated games. The stat would be the economy score at 10 mins, taking the median of their most recent 10 non-scenario games with low/med resources (rated or unrated, 2 or more players, excluding Migration and Nomad). While not a perfect indicator of player skill, this would quickly allow you to tell who the noobs are, since their econ scores at 10 mins tend to be half the scores of good players. The stat could be taken only from games where the player lost 5 or fewer units by 10 minutes, to weed out games where the player rushed or was rushed.
  12. Elexis committed my patch on this: . The patch gives heavy warships the same damage as a catapult, increases their cost to 350 stone 200 metal 350 wood, and increases their range slightly to 72 (from 65).
  13. There's a useful trick if you want to garrison units in many structures: Select the units, then while holding down shift, ctrl-click on the nearest structure, then ctrl-click on the next structure, etc. The units will garrison in the first structure until it is full, then move on to the next structure, and so on. It's a good way to put a large army in temples, for example.
  14. Other games like Starcraft that have mapmaking communities and automatic map sharing, also have a safe language for map triggers, so that maps can't use arbitrary code. They are sandboxed like browser JS. Sandboxing map scripts would be necessary for automatic map sharing. Or, only allow automatic sharing of maps that have no scripting.
  15. I edited the topic because my initial analysis was slightly inaccurate - heavy warships deal 30 hack 30 crush damage per shot, not 30 pierce 30 crush. I also didn't account for the fortress's crush armor. After accounting for both those things, the analysis comes out about the same. There is an issue with setting the damage to 100 crush 10 pierce that I didn't think of. Namely, a heavy warship costs 200 wood 200 metal, which is cheaper than a catapult (which costs 350 wood 350 stone). If the warship does the same damage as a catapult and is cheaper, then there is little reason to garrison catapults on the warships; better to simply make more empty warships. In my opinion, catapults are too expensive, considering that you need a large number of them (at least 3 or 4) or else the defender can simply repair faster than you can damage, and considering how easy they are to destroy. If they were half the price - 175 wood 175 stone - that might be a better balance. But assuming we aren't changing the price of catapults, I think it is necessary to increase the price of the heavy warship to be more than a catapult. For example, 350 wood 200 metal 350 stone, which is the price of a catapult plus 200 metal. This is unfortunately a nerf to heavy warships. There is an alternative: reduce the base number of shots of the heavy warship. For example, it could fire 0 shots until garrisoned with catapults. Alternatively, it could fire 1 shot that does 50 crush damage, and each garrisoned catapult increases the number of shots by 2. What do you think is best?