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  1. the walnut was there into layers, symbol layer and dirt layer. I need make need one dirt layer.
  2. yes... were over the dirt... lol im only making test
  3. From Adventum Conquistadores series Difficult to carry heavy armors. Difficult to deploying formations and other tactics. Segmented armor are very bad at very wet rainy forest. They can be ruined easily and quickly by wet conditions. The leather would rot quickly. and are useless by the sweat of warrior. Little segment innenglish but very interesting.
  4. What about this? Red or blue crest, metal or silver maybe for some nostagic.
  5. disability la opcion TLS en la pestaña lobby (multijugador) dentro de opciones
  6. Let me conceptualize some changes.,, Si no los improvisamos (improvisation phrase)
  7. one of our symbols ideas from @Genava55 his concept and my drawing, needs improved to be digitalized. Mixed the form of an Auruch and a deer.
  8. Al last a candidate for consular Italo corinthian helmet (hero).
  9. Greek Phalanx right? Because they haven't mercenaries teaching greek tactics. https://www.britishmuseum.org/research/online_research_catalogues/ng/naukratis_greeks_in_egypt/introduction/greek–egyptian_relations.aspx https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naucratis
  10. Any advice.... ? Not great hopes with this....
  11. Cof cof skills in path of exile.... Very extensive customization.
  12. Enjoy the choice, that the final spirit of free will with the History. That was the goal mechanic with strategy.
  13. Why not? ------- With Persians ,.. Somebody know this?
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