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  1. I don't want it to be the same Starcraft story. At least the origin. Humans roam the universe for different reasons. The dictatorship could be good if the leader does not seek absolute power, just as the defenders of the oppressed could simply be anarchists. Let's add this as an ingredient of the human being out of curiosity, and to know secrets, as well as unconscionable and unethical scientific ambition. All this gives a cocktail of different alliances and enmities between them, as well as conspiracies and a couple of human faction that deviated from the route in their journey through the universe. Humans create (zerg) with his unnethical experiments, similar to Virus and biological weapons in resident evil. Humans are trying to reach center of universe but they need reach the other side opposite to old solar system where the earth was devastated.
  2. I will combinated several sci fi fiction stories. is the year 10000 A.D (?) the humans are disperse over many high distances over universe., but they dont reach center of this universe... The United Nations becomes a kind of Republic, very old republic, earth was abandoned around 2,492 A.D after evacated the last remain of humans, those survived the last Galactic War. No Inteligent alien life yet until...
  3. Brainstorming the Human race... In the original SC they create cowboys in the space. Which name can represent Terran or we the earthlings?
  4. We can talk about concepts one can be United Nations of Earth or UNoFs (Terran) then Anunks (Protoss) then Arthrors (Zerg) Make the post and we can make i can history and technology. Concept are important before make whole templates.
  5. I'm fan of SC i can help you.
  6. We (you and me) follow almost the same channels.
  7. Units must have different scale than buildings. This includes ships (not now or for now).
  8. Similar to chinese Chu ku nu. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repeating_crossbow
  9. The ship scale bothers me a lot... Some ships can be used in rivers others can be some kind/near to the real scale
  10. We can test with pre made video about FAQs special for A24.
  11. Good stale wine that's why fans feels so much hype. They need taste these improvements.
  12. is little more beggier some of them. Roman at last. https://www.shedblog.co.uk/2008/09/30/full-size-replica-roman-seige-catapult-for-sale/
  13. is important avoid use David star because is too much late symbol.
  14. UnitedMonarchyIsrael.pdfattached file by @Zophim
  15. entiendo, sigue usando armadura lorica musculata. se que lo haces sin importar la apariencia , pero debo explicarles eso en facebook.
  16. Muy bien @Alexandermb lo unico que me incomoda es ese traje con capa.
  17. We need promote more and give more info to our youtubers.
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