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    DoctorOrgans was banned for 60 days. That should end 2020-04-14 18:36:10.648918 UTC.
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    Changes the default game interface into a simple bluish transparent one. Feel free to add suggestions or requests. To use it unzip the folder and drag it into binaries\data\mods bluegui.zip
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    Indeed, and they likely have very different limitations because they use very different engines. They also probably are developed by very different individuals. Of course this is does not mean there is nothing that can be done. But this is not something which has a huge priority. In fact it was even attempted in the past by @nani see: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1662
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    One discussed point in another thread is making rams available to all civs, I'd think that even if there are no accounts of the full ram vehicle for other civs allowing at least a basic form of ramming (a big trunk with fortified head) would make sense and balance it a bit. As for torching, raiding was often done with regular cavalry on small towns and sacking with regular troops, so I'd see that as something reasonable too, though the mechanic would have to be well thought out. Undermining tunnels, I could not find accounts for other civs except for Romans.
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    Actually even the Gauls did it.
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    I agree, it was probably a widespread method.
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    @Hidan@Lion.Kanzen I think a double cornucopia would work as the emblem.
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    Open your map .xml with a text editor of choice, I recommend Notepad++. Add the following line: Create your trigger script.js based on this code: Lastly add trigger objects to your map by using Atlas: It is not possible to place units in buildings using Atlas.
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    aoe 3 sucks too age of mythology was nice
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