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    Hello, My Name is Sheldon and I am super glad to be here. First let me say you guys (and gals?) have done an AWESOME job on this game. I installed it on Ubuntu just to check it out and I can't tell you how impressed I am, even in alpha. I don't know how many hours I spent playing AoE back in the late nineties and I have been Jonesing for something similar but totally unwilling to boot up windows just to play it (I know it runs in wine, but still). This is totally awsome. I do have one question - about the networking/multiplay - how do I change/specify the port number? I'm a fan of ancient history so I would be interested in helping out with the effort to create campaigns. My coding skills are there, but I've spent my last decade or so as a system engineer and mysql dba so I'll need to brush up/practice. Looking forward to it! Sheldon
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    Hi Sheldon and welcome to the 0 A.D. forum Thanks for letting us know you like the game so far. Yes, there are some female team and community members but AFAIK not that many. Joining a game via the lobby server should always work (with an internet connection that is ). To host a game via the lobby server 0 A.D. Alpha 20 uses UDP port 20595. Fully fledged routers should also support port mapping (but some so called routers nowadays have hard times correctly providing IPs to connected devices allready...). I thought linux has it's own port mapping utility you and the people you want to play with could use but I can't find it. EDIT: Fixed that double typo - though it's much less fun now x) To get involved in the development of 0 A.D. I reccoment starting here: https://play0ad.com/community/participate/ http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki Enjoy the game, your stay in the forum and trac
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    Thought this was a great video to share, (maybe for reference to use on naval formations, etc) ...
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    Such attack penalty can make sense, but right now cav are underpower because of lack of charging and running features. But, in DE try to hack around this 2 ways: I give cav (and eles) a trample "aura" and I mod the Wedge formation for faster speed. So now cav have a "run" formation they can use that infantry cannot use.
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    This is achieved in 0 A.D. Delenda Est with Forest Groves. I had feeling that give each and every tree a aura would be a little too much so I came up with grove of tree which is 1 object that is a collection of 25 or 30 trees and 5000 wood instead of 1 tree for 200 wood. So, the map would have dozens of groves insead of hundreds of trees. Inside the grove any unit wth class "guerilla" gets +10% attack. I was think of making siege get -50% speed inside the grove too. Tree and Grove are both passable. Helps pathfinder and doesn't look bad at all. Work pretty good. Another idea is to allow buildings to be built on some object, like trees. This help the player and AI so they can ignore individual trees that aggravate builkding placement. Have flag in entities something like <CanBeBuiltOn/> or <BuildOver>true</BuildOver> in straggler tree and in some eyecandy objects like fences. This way we can have this flag for individual tree but turn the flag off for groves. In-game, the tree (or other BuildOver objcect) would turn red when you wave the building placement over it to let you know it will be destroy when you place building there. Maybe help when AI finally be able to build walls? btw -- actor-only thing like little bushes and grass need to disappear too when place building. This is missing feature too I notice when I play other game like Age of Mythologie.
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    This will be in for the next release (coming soon).
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    Interesting, how you are working (deal) low poly? I mean props, like helmets, the game lack specially in the new factions of some 3D art work...
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    Maybe that's the same (admin Utility and regular Utility)? I don't know this specific issue. Forwarding ports is indeed opening a small gate to your computer, so it is a bit more dangerous. But I don't expect any problems. As long as no applications are listening on it, not a lot can happen (your computer won't process the messages it gets). And if an application (like 0 A.D. in this case) is listening on that port, hackers can only change 0 A.D. behaviour. Which means they still have to find a hole in our code to exploit that before they can access other parts of your computer. As we have very few players (and even fewer players that forwarded the port), it's not worth for hackers to find an exploit in our app. Off course, when we know about an exploit, we will try to fix it as soon as possible, and when more players become active, we will need to have more people working on security. But I don't foresee problems in the next few years.
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    Thanks but I still have a problem! I see on a guild that he/she has a application called airport admin Utility, but mine says airport utility how do i get the admin one? I don't except you guys to know but If you guys don't know it's fine, hopefully the developers will have something that could make everyone host! ( If you do find solutions please reply to me ) Also if you do open ports it can be dangerous, right? So I'm wondering if you can switch it on and off? ( Website which I follow: http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Apple/AirPortExtreme/ I could not find 0A.D so I clicked mine craft: http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Apple/AirPortExtreme/Minecraft_Server.htm (#Sanderd17 says just change the port)
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    Mono is a hack and the project shouldn't lock itself into Xamarin/Microsofts licensing schemes: http://www.fsf.org/news/dont-depend-on-mono
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    0 A.D. isn't Microsoft-only, so migrating is a no-go.
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