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  1. Thanks guys. I ended up building from source on both my ubuntu 16 box and Fedora 22 (I think it's 22 anyway) and it works great now! Is there a way I can create my own dedicated/private lobby? Is the code for creating a lobby in the code base? I put the question out in a different thread, but thought I might ask here too since we're talking network. Many thanks, Sheldon
  2. Hello, Really appreciate the wonderful work you guys have done! I'm just wondering, is there a way I can create my own dedicated multiplayer lobby? How does the current one work? I do work with a couple of youth groups that my daughter is involved with and we're always looking for something like this where we can just keep access within our own group, mainly because we have some pretty paranoid parents. I've seen some threads about a dedicated server and I'm wondering what the current state of that is as well. I've looked around but my best google-fu hasn't yielded a l
  3. Hi guys, I'm trying to host a multiplayer game on my local network. On the "server" instance, I choose multiplayer-->host game and get the "set up your server to host" screen where I choose my player name, xyz. Hitting "continue" gets me into the Match setup, where it says "xyz has joined" and has all the player/map/etc options to set, and here I wait. Meanwhile on the "client" machine, I go in and tell it to "Join game" and put in player "abc" and "server hostname or IP" and specify the ip of the "server" where player xzy is waiting in Match setup. On the
  4. Oop. Found a possible bug in multiplayer. Creating new thread to report it....
  5. Thanks so much guys! " ....the people you want to pay with could use but I can't fund it. " It's ok, linux is free - no need to fund it! LOL cool double typo (I assume?). So I assume you mean that I would just forward/remap whatever port I want people to connect with to port 20595 on the server, right? Really I don't need to change the port so much as know which port to open up in my firewall config. I usually look in games for the place where you set the port so I know which port to allow traffic into. If it's listening on 20595 and that's all I need open fo
  6. Hello, My Name is Sheldon and I am super glad to be here. First let me say you guys (and gals?) have done an AWESOME job on this game. I installed it on Ubuntu just to check it out and I can't tell you how impressed I am, even in alpha. I don't know how many hours I spent playing AoE back in the late nineties and I have been Jonesing for something similar but totally unwilling to boot up windows just to play it (I know it runs in wine, but still). This is totally awsome. I do have one question - about the networking/multiplay - how do I change/specify the port number?
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