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    edits, built to the prop_weapon_right
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    Wow. That looks really great man! I'm glad the trick helped you. Using that setup you can safely import the props you need to take into account in the animation and get the exact same result of the engine. I'd say it's good enough. But if you want to go even further, the only detail that catches my eye is the rear foot. It looks very natural until the guy barely lifts the back foot from the ground because of the rest of the body inertia. Now it looks a bit like the foot gets stuck in the ground.
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    Currently only the c++ part has its documentation generated. Since there are some JSDOC comments on the Js part of the code as well I thought it would be nice to generate it as well. I therefore separated the js code (AI, GUI, RMGEN, Components, Globals, Helpers,...) from the public folder of A20 to generate the documentation. Documentation was generated with JSDOC 3 using the node.js plugin Since classes don't have the proper @class tag for now I added in attack.js so you can see what it can look like. Here are the Documentation files (Open Index.html) : out.7z And here are the files I used for the generation : 0adtest.7z During the execution I got the following warnings : The unexpected identifiers ones are deprecated foreach (@elexis if you want to nuke those) and there are some errors with comments.
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    A problem with writing to the config file could be. It would be user.cfg, not local cfg and for the Mac it's in "~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/" according to the wiki.
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    I have been experiencing that once, I think it's because it fails to create the local.cfg file in "appdata/roaming/0ad/config/"
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    This is very correct. Note that the drag in a fluid such as air is dependent on the square of the speed: R (kg) = 1/2 Cr "ro" S V2 So, if the wind is 5 m/s and R=50 with 10 m/s > R = 200 If i remember my old study (congratulations for the animation)
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    It's a bit of a priority issue: we don't have the manpower to actively develop three mods and maintaining those is quite a tough business. That's one of the reasons that only Millennium A.D. has featured progress in the last few months...
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    I can help with the unit textures, as long as there are good sources, and that the details are not that complicated or hard to create.
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    I hope some people will continue to work on it, because I'm sure it would be my favorite mod (I really like the bronze age).
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    Not bad as a proof of concept! I think they need to be grouped somehow, to provide context, instead of one big list. Maybe based on paths for the broadest organization, so that AI, GUI, etc. are separated.
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    XMBs are just for the sake of efficiency, they are a more compact binary format that's faster to load than the bloated text format of XML. It's a similar reason for converting COLLADA XML files into PMD and PSA files. They are lossy formats though; they don't preserve all the structure and contents of the original source. Plus, if we add something like an entity editor to Atlas, it would be much easier to work with the source XML than a proprietary binary format. The output of such an editor should be XML anyway, so people can share them and see the results in a human-readable format.
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    The problem has never been lack of desire to improve 0 A.D. unit voices, the topic has been raised many times :-) The problem is finding someone to take charge of that project, and with regards to making the recordings, most people don't have experience or access to quality equipment for that. There may be ancient Greek scholars, native Greeks, and voice actors perusing this forum, but I don't know if anyone meets all 3 roles, maybe that is why there's no progress made. Obviously, if the phrases are wrong, we should fix those before even thinking about how they sound, much less recording them.
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    Oh, there's an easy way to take the rotation that will have in the game into account while you're on blender!! -Select the sling armature, go to the "constraints" tab. -Add constraints of "Copy Location" and "Copy Rotation" -Select the UNIT ARMATURE as the target, and choose the Bone that you want the sling to be "spawn on" (literally, is like prop-pointing in blender) This example is how the head is propped in blender: -Finally just animate both at the same time (the unit and the sling), and when you're done and ready to export, just remove the constraints and it will "snap" back to it's origin point, ready to get exported
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    Please don't use 1-letter abbreviations. The "A-N-E" is already hard enough to translate (in Dutch, it even translates to "V-N-V", which isn't clear at all). For resources, you have the luck we have icons available for it. Also, you talk about pausing. Almost all dialogs pause the game in single-player mode, but they don't pause the game in multiplayer. And I don't think that showing somewhat outdated stats is an issue for the screen.
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