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    • no. i rember, it was often direct behind i changed my user.cfg (regardless if i use two or only only 0ad) . but only once. not permanent. there a simply conig in the GUI and resart was ok. so if i know now that i simple need cloase all 0ad reconfig and start. its ok. working workaround
    • I'm a big fan of EE fields spawning around farms. However, they mostly make sense if fields are only allowed one worker or very few anyway. If you only need one farm in your whole city, that is not going to look more natural or realistic.
    • Definitely out-of-space because of the "continue campaign" button. Not sure what to do here. We could  make the notice smaller, I suppose?
    • I didn´t mean to do it literally that way, but I would rather say it was in the same spirit. We could for example say that fields generated by a granary are a different type of crops, which is gathered 10% faster and where only 2 citizens can gather per field. In that case it would seriously impact city layout as you cannot place 40 citizens around your CC with this method. If you combine it with giving CCs positive auras for buildings, you would give players reasons to do things differently. Ideas for that would be markets near CCs get 5% barter price and blacksmiths near CCs give citizen soldiers produced from the CC a small bonus. That way every player probably wants to build the market and blacksmith near the CC and scarify some farming space. I think we need an entire arsenal of tools to supply a change of city layout if we want to do it an a soft way, since placing farms around CCs makes a lot of gameplay sense. Recap: I am in favor of adding a second way so players get to chose whether they want to use the granaries or the original fields.
    • I made a mod (my first attempt to mod) that gives some civs additional cataphract types, in the hope of increasing the types of strategies available. Maceman cataphracts offer high crush damage and extreme anti-cavalry abilities, but at the cost of dealing  almost no damage to infantry and relatively weak armour. This is to reflect the anti-cataphract tactic of using a club to bash enemy cataphracts' helmets used by the Parthians and Sassanids. Their crush damage means they can also be used as a siege weapon. Due to the short length of clubs and agility of infantry units, they do very little damage; 1 maceman champion cannot take out 1 spearman. Persians and Seleucids can train these champion units from their stables after researching unlock champion tech. Having access to this unit helps them to assert dominance in the cavalry department and effective ban cavalry from other civs.  However, their exact stats are yet to be determined; by default I gave them some pretty extreme values to emphasise my point. Therefore I would like to request the balancing advisors @Lion.Kanzen @Player of 0AD @maroder etc to help me determine their stats.   Meanwhile, to strengthen Rome, I gave them an archer cataphract. These units are extremely agile, well-armoured and have a long range, but do little damage (9.5 pierce per second) and are quite inaccurate. Rome learnt this technique from the Parthians after the defeat at Carrhae. They have very short loading time, so they can fire as soon as you order, unlike normal archers who take 700ms to prepare. This unit is designed to be a skirmish force + anti-elephant unit instead of meatshield, although they can survive for quite long under fire. You can troll enemy infantry by drawing circles around them with these and sniping any weak targets. They take quite long to kill an unit but I managed to take out 30 Roman sword champs with 10 of these without any loss.  Here is the mod:    cataphract mod.zip
    • Has there been an update to KDE?
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