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    • I wonder if the AI is set up to punish players for using cheats. First off, the AI has some very suspicious advantages. I realized that opponents across the map were finding me suspiciously quickly, and usually attacking with overwhelming force -- as many as 20 cav and 50 infantry -- in the time it took me to assemble 20-30 soldiers. So I started using the resource cheats to see if I could outrun them. In fact, in one game at the conclusion, even though I had pulled up 12,000 extra of all four resources, one AI opponent outscored me at a rate of 2:1. He also had twice as many infantry and three times as many cavalry. The only place I had outrun him was in mapping, which I always emphasize. i don't mind a few boosts to strengthen the AI players, but when I get creamed by AI set to Easy, in spite of piling on resources and rushing every advantage in Research, something is not right.
    • I can't duplicate this, but it's pervasive. If you put together 5+ units, their usual fate is to get tangled in trees and stuck to the point that the only way to extricate them is to select each one (while they are scrambling around in the trees) and try to find them a destination that will work. A few minutes ago, I lost an entire army -- 5 seige engines and more than 20 champions -- in a stand of trees while the rest of my forces -- 10 champions and Leonidas -- were slaughtered at the intended target. The same thing happens with more than 5 boats working from a dock. They start careening around the dock. With elephants, they will get stuck in trees so badly that one or more simply can't be rescued at all. Same thing with triremes in close quarters.
    • Link in the spoiler    can be nice see if can be added 0 A.D
    • Thank you so much! In the meantime I'll try and see if I can replicate what you did earlier with a different animation.
    • You are welcome. I am glad to hear it works for you. As I have already said, I did not do anything extraordinary. Everything was done with a text editor and Blender. I simply followed the tutorial (kudos to people who created it). I will try to write in detail what I did. Maybe tomorrow.
    • This was the problem, it loads up now!   If it's not too much to ask, when you have time could you perhaps give me a step by step process of how you got this to work? What programs you used and what actions you did? I'd like to try and replicate it so I can do all of this myself for my other animations. Thank you so much for at least proving my animations can be ported with no problems!