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I've been using those crappy in-ear headphones for what seems like forever (they're all I had). Today I finally decided on going to Best Buy and getting a real pair of headphones. They didn't have the Sennheisers I wanted, so I bought a pair of Koss UR-19 headphones for $25 and the sound quality is AMAZING compared to my earbud phones!

Then I look at Amazon's reviews and everyone thinks that Koss UR-19's sound terrible. Wow, I must really be missing out on something! :P

So what headphones do you people like/use?

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For my ipod I use the standard crappy white ones.

But for the computer, :P , I have these awesome 5.1 Surround Sound ones from SpeedLink. These are the best headphones for the computer. The surround sound is very good for headphones. Each side has 3 speakers for the fronts, center, and rears, along with a mini subwoofer! When you are playing some bumping music or movies or games, these vibrate your skull with awesome bass power.

There are also adjustments for front, center, rear, and sub built into the cord. Oh yea, it has a very nice mike on a boom that swings down. All of this plugs into the provided powered amp. The thing that was really good about the amp (besides power) is that it allows you to still use your 5.1 big speakers. The soundcard cables go into and there is the same output for your normal speakers. You can also plug in another set of headphones into the amp to support 2 total.

You can get them here: http://www.afterhours.co.uk/medusa-51-single-user-p-377.html

By clicking on the flags you can order for your specific location.

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I'm going to buy new headphones soon. Check out Ultrasone.

I'll probably get these.

As for SpeedLink developing the best headphones for the computer... I really don't know what Desmond is talking about. The best headphones for the computer are the best headphones period. Those happen to be Ultrasone.

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The reason why I say they are the BEST, which is only my opinion, is that they are not meant to be mobile. You can't carry around the amp, the adapter, ect. to use in other things. That is why I said they are good for a COMPUTER where you don't move them around. My headphones are not the BEST for mobility, as I already said, but are just fine for me and my computer and my budget.

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