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migrate from wiki to jekyll, hugo, or some other page builder

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I know in theory a wiki is supposed to make it easier to maintain documentation, but I'm not sure if that's always the case.


Has there been any discussion on using some website builder for docs?


A few examples of other projects that do this:


Community Health Toolkit






Especially after 0ad has migrated to a {git/pull request}-based system so people can submit patches more efficiently, it seems that being able to review new documentation will help assure the docs are in better shape, and hopefully encourage more people to review, edit, and submit.

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Actually there have been although it was for the main website rather than the wiki.

Some more technical documentation is on docs.wildfiregames.com. Mostly generated stuff except for the design document.

Anyway what was suggested was to replace the wordpress by a hugo generated website and include cdns for various areas of the world using Cloudflare. Given the recent news I'm glad we didn't.

The main issue was that we lose some of the simplicity offered by wordpress.

Don't get me wrong I love git as much as the next programmer but I've never found it user friendly nor convenient for managing user facing docs.

Maybe they made progress since then on the various platforms but I feel like wyswyg editors are still superior.

Some stuff could be migrated from the main website so that it can be edited more easily like build instructions and whatnot or 0 A.D's story which is now outdated too.

I'd also love to have some proper internationalization.

Also since I manage all the running applications alone save from the lobby and the forums the goal was to reduce work by putting everything on gitea rather than maintaining Phabricator and Trac.

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