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Mac mods


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Welcome @Trayon5 should be no issue as the mods are basically just text files so they are operating system agnostic that is they work on all tree platforms we support Linux,Windows and OSX. Several mods can be downloaded and installed from with in the game itself be aware the the order the mods are installed can make a difference if more than one is active at a time.

Enjoy the Choice :)

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3 hours ago, Stan` said:

Wonder why everyone unzips folder while you can use file associations with pyromod and drag and drop either on the app or the actual window.

Because it's not that obvious? :) 

6 hours ago, real_tabasco_sauce said:


No need to unzip, unless there is a parent folder inside that zip.

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2 hours ago, go2die said:

unzipping zipped module every time game start makes it slower, so having it already unzipped adds to your mod speed only consume more disk space.

No it makes it faster on disks because the data is in one place of memory so faster to access. Just like it's slower to copy 1000 files than an archive of the same size.

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