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Showing what units can do the most damage to other units

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I wonder how possible it would be to add info to the unit info panel that could show what units are likely to do the most damage to that unit, for example rams.


A script that could calculate based on armor and attack type and automatically add a section to the info panel like: "Most vulnerable to swordmen and sword cav"


Or "Effective defense: swordmen..."


I'm not trying to start another thread about rams, hehe, just thought of this feature suggestion after reading this thread:


3 hours ago, Archon said:

Me and some rl pals have been really enjoying 0ad over the last year.


The only problem we see is that rams are way to overpowered.


They are way to hard to kill and so fast infantry have trouble keeping up to do damage



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I wpuld drop the script, too much work.

I don't know if it's currently possible to have gameplay information written in the units' info, but I think it should be. at that point it's only a matter of writing them and maintaining them. with fabricator patches I guess.

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